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Website Rules
Welcome to Codex Ulgo! Your Roleplay Gateway to Trask Ulgo
Codex Ulgo was founded with a vision to help roleplayers come together as a community, and to promote positive and constructive roleplay within the Trask Ulgo community. In order to achieve this vision, several rules have been laid down to keep operations safe, calm, and of course, fun for everyone!
To familiarize yourself with Codex Ulgo's rules and regulations, scroll through the rules page or click one of the short-cuts below.
Naming Regulations
Character Sheet Right: Nosferatu - Wrong: nosferatu
Wrong: NosferatuWestfield
When chosing your website Username, it's important that your Username matches your in-game character name. This means that it must be exactly the same name that is shown on the character selection screen, and that floats over the top of your characters head! Not only does this help people know who you are, it also helps them get in touch with you, if they like a contribution you've made, or if they want to roleplay with you.
Please remember that we always check the validity of Usernames to Character names before we activate your account, so if you register with the wrong name, your account won't be activated!
Profile Etiquette
Profile Profanity
After you've made an account, and your account is activated by our team, you're granted a special profile page which you can customise to your liking. With this ability comes some responsibility, however!
Please always keep your profile free from profanity, vulgar content and excessive violence. Not only can this be upsetting for some users, it's generally not tolerated as a whole, so please keep it out!
Please understand that your profile is a depiction of your character and should be related to in-character standards. Though, just because you can read someone's profile here, doesn't mean that your character knows all of the information! Character profiles should be taken as in-character information known by OOC means, unless stated otherwise on the profile.
As a final note for profiles, please do not use copyrighted images or material on your profile unless you have the proper authorisation! Not only is that piracy, but both Codex Ulgo and yourself could get into a lot of trouble!
User Images
User Images
One of the great things we have to offer every user is the ability to upload images to enhance their profiles, adventures and more! Not only does this let everyone further enhance their work with pictures, it also lets some people show off their abilities to create outstanding artwork, and share it with the rest of the community!
However, there are limits to what you are allowed to upload to Codex Ulgo. We do not tolerate images that contain or depict excessive violence, vulgar or obscene content, or profanity (tsk tsk!), nor do we allow images that aren't somewhat linked to Star Wars: The Old Republic. This means that you aren't allowed to upload a picture of your cat or dog, however cute it may be, but custom interpritations of your character or things related to a piece of content are welcome and encouraged!
Also, please keep image sizes reasonable. Even though you can, please try to refrain from uploading excessivly large resolution images. Not only will they be automatically resized when used inside your content, but they'll probably look pretty bad too! Web browsers do a very poor job of resizing images for you, so make sure you do it before uploading.
Allowed Content
Allowed Content
Every one knows how immersion is ruined when role play involves a lot of Out of Character elements. The same applies on Codex Ulgo.
When you create content on Codex Ulgo, please ensure that Out of Character elements are kept to a minimum, or better yet, non-existant! This means that creating an article to name and shame some one else for their role play is forbidden, as is creating an article about last sundays visit to Grandma!
However, we understand that some creations require an informative explanation, such as a wanted poster or recruitment article, where a small message may be required, but do note that brackets aren't always necessary!
Remember, the Codex Ulgo team has the final say in content disputes. If we find that an article violates what we would deem anti-immersion, then we reserve our right to remove it, and we might even punish the poster, too. So always take note of what you're creating.