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Captain Siolo Odán
m.d. of The Odaan (Odán) Clan
Outward appearance
Marital status
Twi'lek (Green)
Known aliases
The Poet
Sahak Chir


He smiles, and flashes what look like white human - the row of predatory front teeth usually sported by most free Twi'leks have been "groomed" - filed down -

Siolo 's fingers are long, his nails thick, but polished as if "groomed" by manicure, and it mostly resembles human nails 


He gives a wooden scent of cedartree, mixed with hints of a sweet honeyed aroma. Observant perfume-connoisseurs would notice the top notes of the perfume being one of wooden cedartree, and the middle heart note being an almost leathery honey, the base of the perfume one of oakmoss and lavender. 

Discernible features:

Almost always wear a pair of relatively clunky metal-exoskeleton boots. His legs seem muscular. Well trained butt, if you're into that.



Siolo carries a small slugthrower MODEL 605 Revolving in a leather sling holster, consisting of a band worn over one shoulder and another around the chest.

Siolo also carries a larger slugthrower, a 9-Round Semi-Automat Revolver Model Defence. It is carried in a thigh holsters, which holds the sidearm on the upper right leg.

Advanced Medpack:

Siolo has a medpack strapped to the belt. It contains an auto-injector, various vials of medical drugs fitting into the auto-injector, some manual syringes, a few kolto-patches, a small vial of kolto-fluid, scalpel and vibro-scalpel, and bandages. 


Siolo carries a Waxed Canvas Military Satchel; Made in crushed waxed canvas in grey fabric with brown adjustable straps. Sold across the galaxy as a dad-friendly diaper bag, it has insulated pockets and bottle holder compartments as well as a zip top wet purse and wipes case. 


Background information

To be found on the holonet, more or less hidden depending on the slicers skill, if one searched for information about the twi'lek Siolo Odán



Customs Enforcement Division record:

Ship name: Andia'jutl

Ship Type: KDY D3-Mantis Patrol Craft (Missile Systems Missing)

Shipping Company: Friddaa Star Shipping Ltd.

Republic Registration ID: ---False ID Registered---

Hutt space Registration ID: 45758FRIDDAA47461

Captain name: Siolo Odán

En route from: Inner Rim, Pyrshak System, Manaan, Ahto City, Spacedock 24

Cargo: Kolto (large quantity)

 Ship impounded for falsifying RRID. Fine set at 30.000 credits. Shipping Company notified.

Cargo have been transferred to Cargobay 39485.


Justicar Database: Holorecording of Interrogation of Suspect 106626098307

 *A large human - a Justicar - is seen pacing in front of a male twi'lek seated and bound to a chair by metal cuffs.

 Justicar: What is your name.

 Suspect: My name is Siolo Odán, I'm from Ryloth, I am here...

 J: Shut up! I ask the questions here. Why did you bring contraband drugs onto Coruscant?

 S: I didn't. Kolto is -not- registered as contraband by the Republic.

 J: Let me try one more time, scum. Why did you bring contraband drugs onto Coruscant?

 S: I.. I'm sorry, sir. I honestly did not know it was contraband, I really didn't knUURgh.

 *The human is seen backhanding the twilek. The twee's face is seen jerking to the side, the momentum being stopped by the metal bar around his chest, holding his upper body in place. The man asks again, calmly.*

 J: Why?

 S: I'm sorry, I'm helping Undercity Assistance! They supply kolto to the people, around official sources.

 J: You support the Seperatists then. Who are your contact?

 S: I'm not supporting seperatists! The UA is not AAAAARRGHGRHGRR

 *The human raises his hand, and something that look like spasms run through the body of the young twi'lek. his body jerks up and down, as much as the chairs metal cuffs around legs, arms and chest allow. After fifteen seconds, the Justicar lower his hand. The spasms stop. The twi'lek have blood and saliva running out his mouth. He swallow.*

 S: Please stop, I don't... I don't know anything else. By the Goddess, I really don't. You got the wrong guy!

 *The human is about to raise his hand again.*

 S: STOP, Stop! Fieler Dan! Fieler Dan is my contact. She lives in the sector! I don't know anything else

 J: We know about Fieler Dan. Heck, everyone knows her daughter is part of the UA Seperatists. It's old information. You can do better. Who were you supposed to meet?

 S: All I got was his first name, Janish! He's a blond guy, usually. I met him once before. It's all I know. Janish.

 *The interrogator take a hand up to his ear, and nods. Then he walk out of view.*

 J: Janish Tsolva. Good. We suspected as much. A date for your execution will be set within the coming few days.

 *A bulkhead door is heard closing; "KA-TCHONK"*

 S: (Screaming) Execution, but... I told you everything! You can't kill me! No, don't...

 *The recording stop mid scream.*


Justicar Database: Investigation pertaining to Escape of Suspect 106626098307

Report: Unidentified Partisan Element (UPE) entered Justicar Prison during Rotworm-Justice League Huttball match. Moving unseen by Guardspersonnel, UPE was able to slice several Droids, and is believed to have had outside help to temporarily shut down cameras during passing through facility.

UPE continued to free Suspect 106626098307 and Suspect 104575652141, before escaping through vents. Vent turrets disabled.

Finding: Guardspersonnel was non-vigilant and found Failing in the Line of Duty as well as Breaching Indentured Services contract.

Judgment: 10 Lashes, Fines added to their Indentured Services Contract

Droids, securicams and Rodent Control Turrets need improved anti-slicing overhaul. Let the techgeeks figure out what is needed.

Justice be Swift.

Justicar Heron Kelt


*A male Twi'lek and a female Mirakula is talking just outside Shuttle bay 89.*

Sen4Dis3SP1 SECCAM47: SCANNING...MATCH...BodyID: TWEE2516562 LOCATED - sending information...information sent...resume operation

Optical memory of Minimech CE-45-4R


Blackness fades, and almost instantly images is seen passing swiftly by, captured and recorded by the 360 degree photoreceptors installed in the early Mouse-droid model. Diplomats, Ambassadors and Jedi would recognise the sights and real plants of the Legislative District/Government District/Government Center/Senate District as it passes, hurriedly towards the Senate District Spaceport.

Dodging pedestrians and speeders, the tiny droid focused on its super-important task. The only thing in existance in its tiny processor. PURPOSE: Deliver message to BodyID: TWEE2516562 - located at Sen4Dis3SP1 SECCAM47.

The mouse droid races under the legs and dress of a bulging/fat senators wife, shrieking at the indignity, images of her undergarment - type grandmother - recorded and saved for posterity. Dodging more legs, the droid check its SatNav, continiously triangulating position and distance compared to Sen4Dis3SP1 SECCAM47. Closing in, it races up over a speeder bump going *klonk klong klang* as it lands. A few children noticing the little yellow machine, and try to catch it, but it outsmarts them by circling around a fountain, before resuming. ESTIMATING NEW ROUTE: DONE.

It races into the Spaceport, and straight into a small hole in a wall. Here, it parks itself on an elevator, fasten itself in with its MagLocks and is shot with more than 60 kilometres in hour six floors up. HUMMING: Dum di du-ARRIVED AT DESTINATION: ESTIMATING NEW ROUTE: DONE.

The droid set out to find BodyID: TWEE2516562 - located at Sen4Dis3SP1 SECCAM47. Pinging for Security Camera 47. It races along, but PURPOSE TARGET is not there anymore. Pinging for alternative routes, it enters Shuttle Bay 89 - racing past several workers who doesnt seem to care particularly about the mouse droid before it sees its target entering an ID TYPE: CORELLIAN DEFENDER-CLASS LIGHT CORVETTE. The Cargo Hatch is closing! It BEEPS to no avail. It races across the tarmac, scanning the Corvette.

ESTIMATING NEW ROUTE...PENDING...SCANNING FOR SAFE ACCESS...ONGOING...ACCESS FOUND...ESTIMATING NEW ROUTE: DONE. A service hatch is still being operated by Loader-droids, supplying the ship with food, fluid and various commodities. It races up the ramp, and into the hatch. A box of OATBites is stuffed in behind it, before the hatch closes. CONNECTION LOST!



*A woman, wearing nothing but her shades and a small towel answer the holocall, her transparent figure appearing.*

 [NAR SHADDAA CANTINA HOTEL 14:44:04] *An equally naked Twi'lek comes into view. Looking back to check something, he speaks hushed.*

"Hey darling. Sorry to disturb you... I ehm... I picked up a stray. Can I keep him?"

*A smile would play on his lips as he say it, in a joking tone.* 

[DEFENDER] *The mirakula remains silent for a moment, she purses her lips for a second before nodding. She sighs a little.*

"Well, it seems I've become a magnet for the waifs and strays of this galaxy...why not...the more the merrier..."

[NAR SHADDAA CANTINA HOTEL] "Hey. You're the sidekick! But thanks, Farona... He's a Zabrak, drugged up on some new wonderdrug. Scary shit, I'm telling you. He's really far out, withdrawal symptoms and everything. I... you know. I had to do something."

*The transparent Twi'lek gestures a lot as he speak.*

[DEFENDER] *The woman sighs again and rubs her forehead. She lowers her hand before speaking again, a gentle tone present.*

"Of course you did...well, I guess at least my influence is rubbing off on you and I've never been one to turn down a being in need. Bring him to the ship if you must. Just...er...keep the noise down...'

*The second part is said in a somewhat playful manner and a smile plays on her lips*

[NAR SHADDAA CANTINA HOTEL] *The twi'lek makes a confused or innocent gesture with his hand.*

"You're referring to my Tar'bril playing? I will, I promise. Not sure I can talk him into coming though. He's as stubborn as they come, I've given him something to relax at the moment. He demands to be my slave... which is totally... you know."

*The twi'lek clear his throath*

"Not my style..."

[DEFENDER] *She laughs heartily, at the first part of the Twi'leks reply.*

"Yeah, I was refering to your Tar'bril playing. It's funny how it also makes moaning noises, that's one talented instrument. As for him being wanting to be a slave, it would seem he's probably used to it...though if we were seen to be willingly using him as a slave... For now, I would say you will think about it and get him to come with us. After all, there's no reason why he can't tend to...certain things...for you"

*She grins agains.*

[NAR SHADDAA CANTINA HOTEL] "Goddess! You're such an openminded employer, darling. Must be why I love you. I'll try and talk him into some sort of Indenture or something, but... we''ll see. Oh. I have setup a meeting with Friddaa The Hutt, tomorrow... You don't have any plans in the near future, right?"

[DEFENDER] Despite the transparent holographic reanimation of the womans body, a slight blush can be noticed she hears his words, but only for mere moments. She shakes her head and smiles.

"No, no plans at the moment, but you know how things can change as quickly as a Twi'lek drops his pants...but we should be good for now."

The woman chuckles softly, her voice teasing.*

[NAR SHADDAA CANTINA HOTEL]"How'd you know I aint wearing pants!"

*The twi'lek, green likely, actually try to cover his parts up, mostly as a jest, before realising the joke is likely lost on the woman.*

"I knew you Mirakula was just faking! Well, enjoy the sights. (pause) And yeah. Ehm. I think I may be able to convince Friddaa to lend me credits to get the Andia'jutl out of the impound. I got a plan. But, I'll let you get back to your shower, or what you were doing. I'll better get back to Hesriak, before he does something stupid like."

[DEFENDER] "Honey, it seems that if there is a cute male or possibly female around that you think may need some of your, how shall I put it, tender loving care...then your pants seem to end up coming something of more annoyance than anything else..."

*The woman sticks her tongue out at him before grinning.*

"Anyway, you better hope that she's willing to play nice and you don't get into trouble. I have to bust your backside out of a situation again, I might just have to start charging you. I will see you soon, give me a call if you need anything." 

[NAR SHADDAA CANTINA HOTEL]"I'm pritty sure I stipulated somewhere in my contract, that you are to secure a safe working environment, and failing that, is legally required to bust my lovely backside out of trouble. But, we can come up with some payment plan. Hugs and kisses work for you? And... Will do, darling. Thanks!"

*The Comlink BEEP, as the twi'lek is seen reaching to cut the comlink.*


 "We got her now! Just a matter of time before she cross into Republic Space, sir. OUPH! Oh Sorry, Sir!"[/color]

The Duros SIS technician crash into a twi'lek in the doorway. Him gleefull, his blue superior on his way to his private chambers for a much needed rest - the headache growing. The twi'lek sigh, but dutifully walk back to his table, pour a glass of hydro, and sit down.

 "Got who? I need a little more, Kerlong." 

"Friddaa! I just did the transcript of Surveillance file 24-13. clear evidence she have aided Seperatist and Terrorists. We just need to file this, and prepare an Arrest Warrent for when she next time come into Republic Space! That mean that its simply a matter of...!"

Abrubtly the happy Duros, clearly oblivious to his superiors headache, is stopped in his steam of talking, as the suffering superior raises a hand.

"Thats good, Kerlong. I will watch it myself. Good work, I am sure. If you will be kind and close the door on the way out."

The Twi'lek nods to the Duros saluting with a;

"Yes, Sir!"

and lean to his terminal, muttering:

”If only anything on the Smugglers Moon was ever simple, bloody Cartel politics.”


LOGIN: Acting Bureau Chief Tander_


--****** ****** ******--


--****** ****** ******--



SEARCHING … … … … … … 

OPENING FILE … … … … … … 

**Surveillance report 2413**


Acting Chief Tander lean back in his seat, as a holoviewer click on, illuminating the room in a blue light. A Semilarge Hutt come into view, surrounded by four male slaves of the species Zabrak, Twi'lek, Human, Rattataki. The Human rather chubby going on downright fat, the Zabrak and Rattataki muscular, and the twi'lek somewhat small in frame. They seem to be bathing the Hutt, or something of the sort.

Entering into view, seemingly coming through the office wall, a twi'lek arrives, its green hue barely visible in the translucent holograph. A yeller from somewhere off-holo is heard:

(Huttese): "Captain Siolo Odán, here to serve and embrace Her right worshipful, beautyladen lover of all beings, Compassionate Friddaa the Hutt!" 

The green twi'lek bows deeply, his lekku falling forward to touch the floor, some meters away from the Hutt. The Hutt, lying on a large divan, open the yellowgreen eyes and seem to turn and twist a little to better see the new arrival. As she does so, the rattataki slave get his hand and sponge stuck underneath the opulent form.

The twi'lek rises while sending a blow-kiss towards the hutt.

"Honey-slug, truly I am deeply pleased to be invited to your court again, and likewise happy to be able to court you once more. I am sorry for my latish arrival, I had a run-in with a drug addict."

The twi'lek gestures almost exaggerated as he speaks with the Hutt, and with a smile on his lips. His lips glistening, likely the result of lipgloss, Chief Tander note to himself. 

The hutt return the kiss, before it speaks, a dramatic contralto voice emnating.

"You are always welcome, my beautiful twink, and you shame yourself, by not being in my court more often. Is it just to deny a Queen to gaze on her finest creations, is it not her entitlement to enjoy the sights of those that serve her, I ask?"

The Twi'lek start to move closer at the question, and is about to answer, its mouth open, but the deep voice continue. 

"But pleasentries aside, my darling. Why have you come? I see neither ship, credits on my accounts or a cargo-bay of kolto. So tell me, adore, aside from sweetening my day, why have you come?"

Meanwhile the twi'lek, having closed the distance to the stuck rattataki, uses both hands and his weight to push away the fatty-soft mucus laden skin, which the grey hand is stuck under. As the rattataki yank his hand free, the twi'lek grab a hold of the slaves wrist, and try to take the sponge for himself. The rattataki shake his head - holding on - but let go as he is backhanded by the much smaller twi'lek. He run out of the holograph, followed by laughter from the Hutt.

"These slaves are all so worried they will displease me, it is good you can show them how I like to be treated, my Poet, but you have surely not abandoned your cause to come please me."

The twi'lek begin rubbing the Hutts slimy skin, looking up at the massive beings face. He seem to hesitate for a moment.

"Only in part. I always seek to please you, and my cause remain the same. But I have not come to give you pleasing news, my queen. I have come to ask for both your aid and your patience, pleading that the compassion you are so known for, also extend to your humble servants such as I."

 ”The good news is that my dealing with the fishies on Manaan worked very well. If we can continue to feed their aspirations, we have a steady source of supplies in the future. Trouble didn't start till I reached Coruscant Space. Suddenly I found myself escorted by CSF fighters, very impolitely asking me to please land at the Customs Enforcement Division HQ. Turns out, Andia'jutl have a false RepRegID. They impounded the ship, and had the supplies moved off to a cargobay."

The Hutt nods as she listens, meanwhile the Twi'lek identified as Siolo Odán rub her skin, making certain he get the sponge into the creases and skinfolds.

”We know this already. This does not explain why you seemingly have lost my shipment and my credits too, honey.”

 ”That's the thing. My agreement with Janish Tso-!” 

At the mention of the name, the brows on the Hutt goes up, its eyes large, and it yells;


Spittle fly out its mouth, hitting both the Zabrak and the Twi'lek guest. The Zabrak quickly wipes his face, and Siolo seems to instinctively try the same, before he stops. The Hutt is staring right at him, he lower his arm, and crawl up on the divan instead, the saliva catching the light as it drip down his face, across his lips as he speak.

“Sorry, my Endearing Beauty, I know. Names are mine to know, yours to deny. As I was saying, my original plan was that I would land in a loading dock somewhere in the lower levels, where me and Undercity Assistance could unload the supplies unnoticed. But without a ship, I had to use a cargo-lift instead. Seems the vigilantes, Justicars, keep taps on those, because before I could finalise the deal, they raided the meeting. The UA got about half of the shipment, the Justicars but took me and one of theirs prisoner.”

 The Hutt furrow her brow at this, but smiles as her guest begin rubbing her slimy neck-region with the sponge.

“I was freed, and your name naturally never came up. Later I was contacted via mouse-droid, and they transferred half of the agreed-on payment to me. I can transmit them to your account before I leave. But, I need to buy free Andia'jutl from the impound, if we wanna continue... I'm gonna need thirty K from you.”


“My dear Candy-lek. I can hardly believe what you are saying. You claim I was the cause of this debacle of a trade? Is that I, not you, that is responsible. That I have to accept losing credits because you have made mistakes. You are pleasing on the eyes, and have a slippery tongue, but you are not that good."

The Hutts voice is sharp, a hint of accusation as she continue.

“You claimed that the business of trading with freedom fighters was relatively safe, that it would be profitable, simple. You never made mention of me losing a ship, payment for a large cargo of Kolto – and getting caught up in the business. Graaagahroooaahhhhrrrrrrriiaa.”

The green twi'lek Siolo have clearly found one of the good spots, and as the Hutt gurgle her her appreciation, he rubs more energetically, this goes on for a while before she wave him onwards.

“I do not take well to lies, you know. Nor do I find it to be my business that you made a bad deal. I will pay you the forty thousand needed to get the correct RepRegID and the Impound Fee, but you must make up the difference in the whole UA affair. That is my judgement.”

The Twi'lek stop rubbing, and return to the front of the large divan, facing the Hutt. 

“I can't. Those credits, they are earmarked to buy Her free. I need her with me, I need those credits if I am to set-up the clinic. You cannot ask me to pay for this. You know I love you with all my heart, Compassionate One, but you are a right bitch to save credits on RepRegID's. But I will try talking with Undercity Assistance – and even if they won't pay for the full shipment, just a few more deals and we got the lost credits back. My Mantellian friends will soon need new shipments, and our last trip to Balmorra Resistance was very profitable. Just give me a little time and I promise you, my Queen, you will not even feel the loss.”

 A frown forms on the Hutts face, the facial features massive and quite easy to read, the Twi'lek however continue talking, almost panic in his voice. The Hutt reach out one of her feeble arms and grab Siolo's chuin, pulling him close to her face, him pressing his body against hers. The Hutt's words are whispered, but the surveillance equipment automatically adjust the volume, the hissing booming out the speakers and sends spikes into the head of the blue SIS officer observing the holograph play.

 “You do not deny ME! I am your Queen. You will pay these credits by night. All of it. Then you will get me MY ship on Coruscant – I have changed my mind - you will pay from your own pocket to do so.”

 The Hutt let go of the lek, and the green twi'lek fall off the divan and onto the floor, his metal boots clanking against the wooden floorboards, the surveillance equioment adjusting the sound a little too slow. Another jab at Acting Bureau Chief Tandor's head. 

“Please, my beloved, I can't do that, I don't have the credits to do that! You can't ask me to...”

The twi'leks wipe his face of the remaining spittle, his pleas falter as the Hutt turn her focus on the fat human, rubbing her tail. She speaks softly:

“Do not lie, dearie, it doesnt become you. You will pay me by tonight, abide by my ruling. I believe you have made friends with a Jedi. Is she your newest toy, your new sugarmommy? Farona, was her name I believe. You can always ask her to pay, or help you get the supplies back from the Justicars. Hmm..... have the Empire not placed a handsome bounty on Jedi? I am known to be compassionate, something you have enjoyed for a long time, but trust me, neither of us want to feel my ire. Now, get out of my court, Poet!”

The Hutt wave dismissively, as the Twi'lek bows deeply, defeated, taking a few steps backwards before turning and leaving the holograph through the solid wall. The Hutt smiles broadly as she playfully wiggle her tail, the fat human trying desperately to rub it without actually forcing it to be still.


Sandor rub his forehead, and cut off the holograph, the phosphorous light fading, and the lamps in the room slowly increases the lighting, he mutter something about;

“accursed holographs,”

before leaning in to read the Search Flags registered by the Duros technician.




GROUPS: Mantellian Separatist Movement, Undercity Assistance, Justicars, Balmorran Resistance, Terrorists, Seperatists,


Sandor writes down a few lines, then leave the room. On his screen is written two notes.



identify and locate Jedi Farona – Contact Tython – suspected of harbouring and aiding terrorists – Wanted for Questioning or Warrant for Arrest

 make and send out Warrant for Arrest of Siolo Odán for Acts of Terrorism – expected to arrive at Coruscant_




Intercept and cashed mail send from unsecure mailserver on Nar Shaddaa 

To: The office of Darth Ra'zel, Sith Sanctum
From: Siolo Odán, Nar Shaddaa

Topic: Re: Personal physician wanted

I am Doctor of Medicine Siolo of the Odán Clan of Ryloth. Coming from a long line of free physicians and doctors, it is my privilege to offer my assistance to the Sith by ensuring a safe delivery of twins.

While I graduated as a Doctor of Medicine from the Intergalactic Nar Shaddaa University, theory is nothing compared to experience, and without boasting, I can say I have aided in four difficult, but successful births since my graduation. All of which have been done under primitive conditions, on various world. Three human children, and one twi'lek.

Yet, as much as I could profess to the complicated medicine involved in birth, and why my experience have made me an expert on the miracle of life, and thus why I should be hired over others, I cannot. Many and more will try and say such things, but not without lying through their teeth, for indeed, birth is the most natural of things, and oft as not, the true labour is on the female.

I say therefore, do not be fooled by those who speak of dread and hardship, for while a physician such as myself have uses, a being to reassure and guide a new mother through labour is justly more important. I, Siolo Odán can offer both, and more.

As such, I would be honoured to be considered for the position, and trust to be summoned. With adequate preparation between mother and me, we shall find that childbirth becomes naught but double the blessing.

Honoured servant of She that is twice-blessed.

Siolo Odán

Other information
Family on Ryloth, unregistered
Farona, Hesriak
Doctor of Medicine
Republic Spooks and Customs,
Ryloth, Kala'uun