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Shael Namun Aru
of Tatooine Moisture Farmers
Outward appearance
Late Twenties (?)
Marital status
Not applicable
Known aliases
That Guy Over There

Physical Appearance:

Shael stands at the height of approximately 190 centimeters and is of sturdy constitution. Like any human(oid) who lived an entire life on Tatooine, he cannot afford a physique that is not efficiently trained for physical work: he has broad shoulders and a brawny frame, made of healthy muscles shifting underneath elastic chocolate-hued skin.
His eyes are oddly bright-blue, which may remind of the clear sky of Tatooine during a radiant day.  A surprisingly rare contrast, with the deep darkness of his epidermis. 
His hair is pitch-black and carries his facial hair in a 'central goatee plus side-stubble' manner, which gives him an air of well-kept masculinity. It is largely evident that he dedicates a small part of his way to take care of his looks - not much out of vanity, as much for self-respect.

Outward Demeanor: 
Shael is a silent and often frowny guy. Behaving this way is not a pondered choice, rather it is the result of the many thoughts, worries and dilemmas weighing on him. His silence is the testimony of a very loud mind crowded by thoughts that hardly ever give him a moment respite. Unresolved matters or twisted feelings claw at his conscience, tormenting his days and nights alike.
Shael's existence appears to be a daily harrowing struggle towards the world as well as towards himself.

He does not care about being at the centre of attention, or to have his opinion heard, unless directly asked for it - although it hardly ever happens. Solitude is his most faithful companion, which causes his social interactions to be fairly awkward for he is almost entirely unused to light-hearted mingling. He doesn't have any gentlemanly manners and polite etiquette is an entirely alien notion to him, but that may be caused by the generally harsh and indifferent Tatooinian enviroment he dwelled in since the day he was born.
That won't prevent Shael from being downright straightforward, honest and sincere in his opinions; to the risk of coming off as unnecessarily rude, he will state things as they cross his mind. It is not rare that such brazen opinions got under someone's skin more than once.

He rarely smiles, but when it happens, his smiles are wholeheartily true and genuine. He seems to fall into a light stance of embarrassment during those sporadic moments when he expresses emotional pleasure. It may be comforting to know that, in joy and sorrow, in silence or laughter, he retains always the same degree of authentic spontaneity.

Shael & Elrioth 

Background information

[ ۞ Background Information is currently work-in-progress! ۞ ] 



Other information
Unspecified / Dead
Moisture Farmer
Any business rival!
Crowe Family
Tatooine (Mos Anek)