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Lord Rohl
Lord of the Sith
Outward appearance
Marital status
Sphere of Laws and Justice
Known aliases
Compound in Kaas City


Favoring grandiose robes of ancient Sith design, his relatively thin body is covered by layers of black cloth and a few metal plates. A once-handsome face showing vestiges of Alderaanian nobility is perhaps all of Rohl's body that may be visible to strangers. His blonde hair is kept about shoulder length and is always combed back over his ears. His beard is kept meticulously clean and trimmed to perfection. The most obvious vanity in Rohl is for his facial hair.

As a devotee of the Dark Side, the indications of Force corruption are prevalent and proudly borne by Lord Rohl. As such, gleaming red eyes shine from darkened eye sockets in an otherwise pale face. Veins are visible beneath the pallid skin as is common in those heavily steeped in and exposed to the Dark Side.


Lord Rohl is an accomplished Force-user, and his immersion within and skill with the Dark Side of the Force is prodigous. Years of specialized training has heightened his skill in the finer manipulations in the Force, such that his telekinetic skills along with his ability to create Sith lightning are deceptively powerful for his age and ranking.

His lightsaber skills, though certainly lesser than his Force skills, have been improved upon over the years. Through rigorous theoritical and practical study, he has become quite skilled in the Makashi and Niman forms of combat.

Background information


  • Born "Vallond" to a daughter of a now-eradicated noble house of Alderaan and a Sith infiltrator acting undercover. Father was stranded on Alderaan following the Republic victory during the Great War.
  • Father discovered his Force sensitivity at age three and kept it hidden from others for three more years when it becomes known to the wrong people.
  • To prevent his son being taken by Jedi, father Rohl fakes his death and flees Alderaan with his son for Imperial space.
  • Educated on Dromund Kaas for six years.
  • Inducted into the Sith Academy on Korriban at age twelve.
  • Graduated the Academy at eighteen years old with a reccomendation to the Inquisition from Overseer Exan.
  • Apprenticed to Lord Orias Vandis for two years.
  • Served as Inquisition torturer for seven years. 
  • Conferred the title of Lord of the Sith by Grand Inquisitor Darth Ulkaen.
  • Returned to Alderaan undercover to claim leadership of his family. Spends a year calling in old debts and establishing a financial structure before disappearing once again back to Imperial space.
  • During the Siege of Dromund Kaas, Lord Rohl defies orders from Darth Mortis to engage the Eternal Fleet and instead chooses to help keep order among the population during the crisis - likely saving his life.



Other information
None worthy of note
Lord Orias Vandis, Darth Taeghen Ulkaen, Lord Aregia Khann
Military Police Commander
Lord Orias, Lord Aregia Khann
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