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Lifer of Centax-1 Maximum Correctional
Outward appearance
Marital status
Married to Ezrab'teb
Known aliases
Orn, Ornie, Hot Blue, additional aliases he often takes on himself in both Imperial and Republic space.
Centax-1 Maximum Correctional, Coruscant System


A young rutian (blue-skinned) twi'lek reaching a rather short height of 170 centimeters (approximately 5 foot 7 inches), Orn appears small in body size, but upon closer inspection he has the muscle tone of someone who trains and lifts weights regularily.

His face bears a rough tapestry of scars, most of them focusing on one side of his face and a few of them extending all the way to his neck under the jaw. Whatever damage was done to his face seems to have been patched up years ago as the thinner scars have faded into his skin, although the wider ones are likely to never do the same. Two lavender eyes are surrounded by a slightly darker hue of blue. 

There is one scar  on the opposite side of his face, starting from one corner of his mouth and leading slightly upwards towards his cheek - set apart from the heavier pattern of scars. This scar looks to be fairly new and thin like it was made by a sharp object.

On the brow of the less scarred side of his face, there is a curved barbell piercing with spikes on both ends.


Outwardly a cheeky thug with an easy smile, Orn is also prone to moments of careful contemplation and doubt. Still, as much as he appears social, a certain awkwardness and anger comes over him in moments of surprise or stress; a trait that may give a clue onto his true face underneath the act.


Background information

Born into slavery as part of the twi’lek clan Vida, Orn was taken from his mother when he was only five years old and sold onwards to be a house slave. By the time he was 14, he had seen and served a multitude of masters. An incident in his teenage years robbed him of his good looks, his face forever scarred partially due to the severity of the injuries - and partially due to poor care of said injuries.

Orn survived the encounter, but was difficult for his owners to re-sell due to his badly scarred face. Instead, he was saved from spending the rest of his life wading through the trash and gutter of Nar Shaddaa, or the Salt Mines of Ryloth, by being found force sensitive by a Sith customer who took it upon herself to admit the young alien to Korriban.

Interestingly, if one were to check the Academy's records, they would find no mention or record of an Orn'vida ever having been admitted.


Present Time

After the fall of the Red Rose Syndicate, and his all-but-simultaneous incarceration, Orn'vida (or Bril'eyan, as was the alias he was convicted under) is serving a life sentence for a variety of crimes related to his illegal organ trafficking business that he ran under the Roses. Considering the publicity of his crimes and having inadvertently caused the death of two investigating officers, he's presumably not enjoying his time in the Centax-1 Maximum Correctional.

Other information
Husband Ezrab'teb, their son Yetu'teb, mother Nima'vida (Status unknown), a rumoured son?
Lord Nexis a.k.a. Hugo, Keylara, Koldrax, Caein, Rhoth and others
Slicer, occasional speeder mechanic
Veyzel Zayne, Gareu
Darth Peyran Zayne, Darth Taeghen Ulkaen, Darth Menad
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