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Kraethas Nova
Manager of Crimson Falcon Courier Service
Outward appearance
At the time of KOTFE, mid 30's or so
Marital status
Currently Independent
Known aliases
"Crimson Falcon Courier Service" offices

"Nova" as he's usually called since it's his last name, is a big guy to say the least. 

Tall, toned and muscular, he has the look of someone that spends a good deal of his time exercising - or rather, despite the loose lifestyle he must be spending most of his time exercising!

Generally he is the quiet heavy drinker type, with preference to Whiskey and Shento cigarras but has been known to strike up random conversation in the Slopes now and then, mostly picking his words or actions to avoid any conflict or to chat up the locals.

A tell-tale piece of equipment about his person used to be a Fira Vibroblade fine craftsmanship that he carried either sheathed to his belt or on his shoulder and at least three different 'signature' long coats that hide most of his relatively hulking figure. Lately, however, he's taken a liking to blaster pistols.

Locations of Interest

Kraethas Nova can usually be encountered on Nar Shaddaa in the following locations:

  1. The Slippery Slopes Cantina
  2. The Velvet Pearl when there's a decent amount of people to share a drink or story
  3. His office, The Crimson Falcon Courier Service compound, a hangar and courier service in the Corellian Sector of Nar Shaddaa [publicly listed]
  4. Wherever a contract takes him.

Outside of Hutt Space he has been seen on Rishi a couple of times, usually in the company of others.

Background information

~ 21 ATC (Today)

Not long ago, a ship that resembled a D-5 Mantis with oversized engine foils and lacking port and starboard weaponry entered the Y'toub system. Transmitting its Transponder Code, it appeared to be registered in Nova's name and office, with the license's Starport of Origin being stated as Shesharile 5. After a cursory scan, all papers seemed to be in order and permission was given to land on the Crimson Falcon private docking pad.

A couple of days afterwards, the usual coat-wearing figure of Nova had started to be seen wandering around the Promenade and his usual haunts.

~ 3 months ago

Approximately 3 months ago, the Crimson Falcon Courier Service entered a period of inactivity once more. While Nova's ship - the Shillian Blaze - has kept running its weekly routes on schedule, this is attributed to his young Togruta co-pilot, keeping his trading contract alive.

As far as Nova himself goes, he's still missing. Rumours that tricked down the Underworld vines to reach Nar Shaddaa once mentioned a spacer matching his usual looks being active around the Minos Cluster, though the man in question was mentioned to handle blasters - whereas Nova had a well known antipathy for ranged weapons, preferring melee combat instead.

~ 5 months ago

For the past six months or so - once again - Nova was nowhere near his business to be found. Rumours may have circulated that whatever the reasons of his disappearance, it had to do with avoiding any potential blowback after a contract.

20 ATC

After been missing for five years, Kraethas was seen returning to his office only to be welcomed by a notice for his late rent. Turning to full time Freighter Captain, in a little over two months, he had managed to scrounge together enough credits to repay his late rent and come to contact with a shipwright office for a new ship design.

Currently, rumour has it he's struck a lucrative deal with a merchant house to keep him busy and keep the credit flow steady and on the side he's looking for an investing partner to re-open his office and company.

15 ATC - 20 ATC

In the time of his absence, the Crimson Falcon Courier Service kept operating - mostly thanks to his other associates that kept the place going whenever Nova was on a lengthy trip - but since the coming of the Eternal Empire business has been rough. About a year ago, the business had to file for bankruptcy and close down officially. The office space still remained, largely unoccupied and unused, and was likely to remain like that until some Hutt decides that the rent is up and fancied the place for another lucrative endeavor.

10 ATC - 15 ATC

Kraethas Nova showed up in Nar Shadda about ten years ago, holding the monicker "Kaeron Nova", disembarking from a random freighter and hauling a sizable spacer's chest behind him. 

Pretty soon he started working for a subsidiary of the Huttese Shuttle Company that handles the transport of cargo between Nar Shaddaa, Nal Hutta and the various Bulk Freighters that dock around the Moon. For two years, he's worked daily, spending most of his afternoons, evenings and almost entire salary in the Slippery Slopes Cantina. The only exception to this rule were some weekdays (he claimed he had "double shifts") and some lengthy vacations every month - which always result in diminished pay and he has not complained, ever.

Regardless of his particular lifestyle, he managed to somehow scrounge together enough credits to by a battered Defender hull.  Working on it for a couple of months with the help of his droids, he managed to bring it in a spaceworthy shape. Naming her "Rebirth", he was the proud and registered owner of a Corellian Defender, tricked out for freight work.

After taking a few unremarkable freight jobs, he fell out of contact for a few months only to return to Nar Shaddaa to set up a Courier Service office. Business was good for a while and he made enough to go and even perform some upgrades on his ship. Around late 14 ATC he notified his partners that he was going to take an 'important freight job' towards the Yavin system and they should expect him back in a few weeks. He never returned.


[For those with the appropriate access, more info can be found here ]

[If someone is interested in a little OOC info, might as well read his entry on this thread. ]

Other information
Patesha, Nor'Zovia, Tyriandar, Kenzi, Lux'filia, Thajeal, Corida Merchant House
Pilot, Freelancer, Unknown?
Fell’duri’cga Merchant House (not encountered yet)
Might be some around
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