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Commissar Leness Varelle
Chief of Staff of The Secretariat of Public Enlightenment
Outward appearance
33 (unconfirmed)
Marital status
Ministry of Intelligence
Known aliases
Dromund Kaas

Height: 5'11'' / 179 cm

Weight: 151 lbs / 68 kg

Eye Color: Brown

Skin Color: Tan

Hair Color: Black

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Standing at a relatively average male Human height of 5'11'' and weighing just a little over 150 pounds, Varelle strikes a gaunt but firm and broad-chested figure, with an excellent posture. Sporting sideburns and a well-kept haircut, the young Imperial commissar is almost obsessive about personal hygiene to the point of sheer vanity, and often openly displays irritability and annoyance if he notices even the smallest blemish, dent or wrinkle either on his own person, or on others. As someone who is utterly devoted to his professional work, Varelle is almost never to be seen without wearing his trademark red Imperial uniform. His penchant for Imperial asceticism and severity is evidenced by Varelle's own disdain for wearing any military awards or medals on his person, preferring to keep everything down on only the basic essentials. Owing perhaps homage to his humble, down-to-earth working class background, however, Varelle does possess a certain rugged gruntness about him, but in stark contrast, carries himself with an almost regal aloofness and observant detachment in all situations, and is not prone to bursts of condescention or disgust as many other Imperial officers are.

Background information

Republic Intelligence (Fmr. SIS) Casefile 11.132 (Imperial Military Personnel Dossiers)


 » PROFILE #019219651/S



Name: Leness Ardun Varelle

Background: Despite conserved efforts to unravel facts about Varelle's previous history and background, nearly all attempts to do so have eventually been thwarted by Imperial counter-intelligence, and even the subject's known liaisons and contacts within the criminal underworld.

Slicing department believes he was once posted inside Imperial Intelligence where he held the rank of 'watcher', and was later transferred to the military. On Dromund Kaas and elsewhere in Imperial space, he is a common face in social circles. Despite his yet short tenure as a military officer, Leness has nonetheless forged a well respected career, evidenced in numerous successful skirmishes with Republic and pirate forces across Wild Space in the past.

Other information that has been successfully uncovered reveals the subject was likely born on Dantooine, and completed the curriculum of the Imperial Officer Academy of the Raioballo sector with exemplary results. His graduation ceremony was coronated with the presence of Darth Acharon (now deceased), a former member of the Dark Council. Family tree has humble roots in terraced tea farming, although every single male of the family tree alive has been (or is) a respected fighter within the Imperial military structure. If the recent influx of data we've managed to collect from various private Imperial holo transmissions, messages and scrambled conversations are true, Varelle's family background has been anything but an impediment to his career, in a field that is notoriously swamped with the prodigies of prominent aristocratic Sith and Imperial families who jealously guard their prestige and ability to exert greater influence. Many have apparently lauded Varelle's commitment to the Imperial cause, and he has often been entrusted with much more operational freedom and responsiblity than officers usually are, which, again, is easy to understand from the viewpoint of his background; Varelle has no ulterior motive or overlapping loyalty to bloodline or family as he is of more "working-class" root than anything else. This would also explain Varelle's meticulous and rigid work ethic; whilst most officers of the Imperial military establishment are automatically elevated within the hierarchy thanks to their family, and a complex system of internal nepotism and favoritism, Varelle has had to work for his position, and gain every single promotion by value of merit, instead of mere household name. In short, Varelle is an Imperial officer of status who was not born into privilege. Imperial colleagues turned-defectors have oftentimes credited Varelle for his steadfast belief in that the Republic, no longer strong as it was in the past, and plagued by its ineffects and rampant corruption, needs to be supplanted with a strong Sith-Imperial hand in galactic affairs, and thus elevating the myriad species of the galaxy from their "mediocre slumber" emanating from them being shackled to the Republic and its democratic sentiments -- provided, of course, that Humans and Sith purebloods stay at the top of the pecking order in the said fantasized galactic future.

Most notable in Varelle's rap sheet is the conquest of the industrial planet Cordis Three alongside the Sith lord Darth Siron and other Imperial naval and ground commanders. Is reputed to be openly defiant in the face of other Sith lords who disagree with his military strategies and / or agenda. Suspected of collaboration with Darth Malgus during the Sith’s insurrection during the end of the Cold War stalemate: such speculation is likely untrue, since Varelle is known to hold humanocentric sentiment often linked to Imperial officers (something which the “Malgus insurrection” sought to decimate). Subject was allegedly shocked at the news of the previous Imperial Intelligence with relative authority and minimum Sith intervention being reformed as the new "Sith Intelligence."

Following the Eternal Empire's rapid conquest and subjugation of both Sith Empire and Galactic Republic, Varelle remained a nigh-fanatic proponent and supporter of the so-called "war party", a loose but formidable coalition of Sith lords who opposed any treaties or talks of peace with Zakuul, deeming it treason and capitulation -- something that, in their minds, went up against everything the Empire stood for. It was around this time that Varelle was transferred from his traditional comfort zone in the military establishment back to Sith Intelligence by an unknown pureblooded Sith lord who had piqued interest in him and his career, and saw potential for rising through the Imperial ranks in Varelle in the form of a political commissar, or a "loyalty officer." According to leaked military and intelligence logs, Varelle was tasked with "identifying and then rounding up military personnel exhibiting traits of an essentially defeatist mindset to re-education camps and sites", and "if necessary, purge all military assets subject to this directive by force should they reject by sentiment the stated protocols of re-education." Varelle exceeded all expectations in this newfound occupation, and, after an eight-month stretch of the work as a political commissar, he was promptly promoted to Chief of Staff of the Secretariat of Public Enlightenment, an internal propaganda apparatus of the Empire, tasked with "ensuring the continued loyalty and support of Imperial citizenry."

As a chief Imperial propaganda apparatchik, Varelle remains a growing wild card in Republic efforts to undermine both the Imperial military establishment and the morale and logistical support of Imperial citizenry. Continued surveillance and investigation of him is highly commended, and field personnel both within friendly and hostile boundaries and territories should immediately target Varelle for capture and subsequent questioning, if at all possible.



SEX: Male


BIRTHPLACE: Dantooine, Raioballo sector

AGE: 31 (unconfirmed)


New intelligence gathered by veteran field operatives reveals Varelle has been establishing partnerships with Hutt space –based crime syndicates and individuals of power (notably the Nar Shaddaa Labour Alliance, which is heavily involved in inter-galactic slave trade). These include GODOBA THE HUTT, VAARKO TIYAI, and NARVUSIN J’KRIEG.

The motivation behind these recent moves remains unclear. It is highly possible Varelle is attempting to re-assert Imperial power in Nar Shaddaa lost in the beginning stages of the Galactic War.

S.O.P.E. (the Secretariat of Public Enlightenment), of which Leness Varelle is now confirmed to be Chief of Staff, remains one of the shadiest and most secretive of all internal state organizations of the Sith Empire, and very little is known about it, even today. Our top analysts suggest that not only is it tasked with heavy domestic surveillance of Imperial citizenry, it also plays a key part in the formulation of state propaganda, Imperial support rallies and "charities", and the apprehension and subsequent transfer of political dissidents to Sith Intelligence operatives for interrogation (as well as torture). It is believed that S.O.P.E. belongs to the larger Ministry of Intelligence, albeit with a substantial deal of autonomy, acting as a sort of internal, politically oriented commissariat and quasi-paramilitary within the borders of the Sith Empire.

Since the organization is also presumably so new, belonging to the internal reforms instituted by Darth Acina (Empress of the Sith Empire), the bulk of its numbers seem to consist of younger generation Imperial officers who place much greater emphasis on hardline Imperial militarism, and "ideological purity" over both aristocratic background and self-serving ruthlessness, believing that those are all trumped by a sense of almost robotic, clinical and emotionally detached obedience fueled by their authority, and Imperial law. Most members are thought to espouse a "messianist" view of the Empire, in that it has a unique "mission" in galactic history, and are made to swear absolute allegiance to Empress Acina, unto death. The organization has such a hated and reviled reputation even amongst certain segments of the Imperial population, that many recent Imperial defectors have called them out as "demagogic agitators" and "unscrupulous gangsters in uniform." If all the information collected so far about S.O.P.E. is correct, the names may not be all too exaggerated at all.


The insignia worn by members of the Secretariat of Public Enlightenment, of which Varelle is Chief of Staff.


Fragment of an intercepted Imperial holo transmission to Commissar Leness Varelle, identifying his superior (and, by definition, the head of the Secretariat of Public Enlightenment) as a Sith pureblood. His full name and full identity remain unknown.

Other information
Lord Junal (unconfirmed)
Imperial Commissar
Dantooine, Raioballo sector
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