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Agent K'shal Utharr
Agent of The Qorit Network
Outward appearance
Marital status
Married to Laryzza Tra'thal
Diplomatic Service
Sith Pureblood
Known aliases
Agent Silver
Hallion Vengeance

 Height: 1.69 Metres.

Weight: 80 kilo.

Build: Lean, slightly muscular.

Skintone: Golden-Orange.

Eyecolour: Pale. 

Hair: Short, usually gelled.

Red Sith Markers: Some tendrils, red eyes.

Cybernetics: Left leg from the upper tight and down.

Additional notes: Carries a large burn-scar in the skin surrounding his left eye, in addition, careful observers will note burn scars around his hairline.

Background information

 Societal background:



Born to Lord Incorruptus the Sixth as his second official son, alongside a twin named Anabethia, neither with sufficient force sensitivity to be submitted to the Korriban Academy.


  Service Record:


- Entered the Naval Academy on Dromund Kaas at age of 17.

- Sub-par grades and marks, noted interest in the subject, but easily distracted.

- Rumors of resorting to 'exotic dancing' to live more comfortably - rather firmly put down by the larger House Utharr. 

- Enlisted at the ISS Terantium at age 21 as a petty officer.

- Rumors of family influence in his career, captain of a token Gage-Class at 22.

 - Primarily engaged in troop transport in the 56th Fleet, rumors of the Sith in charge of the fleet being murdered, Incorruptus assumed control and gave his son command, bypassing countless more viable candidates. A disasterous mission soon after caused the young captain to resign his commission.


 Intelligence: [Classified]


 Diplomatic Service: 


 - Started work there at age 24, working in the service of his brother, Lord Zerrak Utharr.

Other information
Anabethia, Darth Tekthon, Chrade, Zhenah, Ulterius, Zhenah, Raqith, Lashae
Diplomatic official
Dromund Kaas
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