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Darth Iradox, Lord of House Nyâsh Iradox
Head Nyâsh of The Nyâsh Directive
Outward appearance
42 (Updated after timeskip)
Marital status
Married to Lady Irazia, Lady of House Nyâsh
Sith Order
Sith Pureblood
Known aliases
Thulan Nyâsh
The Nyâsh Estate

Please note that this thread is extremely outdated - haven't updated it since I left Hands of Darkness. However if you look to read about Iradox' background this side should serve as a good source for that.


"With his dark armour and cape, Lord Iradox towered above the corpse like some angel of death." - Lieutenant Hail

Darth Iradox stands two heads taller than most men. His well trained body is heavy with muscles and his posture radiates confidence, dominance and power. His skin is of a crimson hue and his hair is as jet-black as his armour. When not wearing his ominous horned helmet with its sharp red lenses one will notice that his eyes glow with a bright golden hue - making it obvious that the colour is a result of dark side corruption.

At most occasions Iradox will also be wearing a long black armourweave cape. That with his helmet and spiky shoulders helps adding to his terrifying figure. The cape as more than a cosmetic purpose though; the tough fabric offers light protection against energy or fire based attacks.


"You're Sith, not a wild tu'kata! You most master your emotions and not the other way around." - Darth Iractor

When speaking to Darth Iradox one of the first thing you'll notice is his chilling cold voice. Having been taught from a very young age to master his emotions rather than letting them master him, Iradox strives to be cold and calculated. He will weight each situation in his head, calculate the risks and benefits, then unleash his emotions and act.

At least, that's what he strives to do. Compared to many other Sith Iradox probably shows quite remarkable restraint but he has a weak spot; his relations to people her care for. Because he lost most of his relatives in a very young age and was left with only his cousin and their twi'lek slave, the need to be close to someone is an almost irresistible urge to Iradox. When he's found this someone, he tend to cling to them as if they're his most valuable possession. In situation where these people are brought in harm's way or sustain heavy suffering, Iradox might unintentionally lose his cool

When the balance between these two traits tense Iradox often find himself locked in a mental battle between his urges and strong sense of logic.



Background information

Character Story:

"Perhaps it is I and not Lord Vayne who carry a plague; everything I touch seems to decease." - Darth Iradox

So far Iradox' story can be described in one word; tragedy

His story is that of a man who lost everything as a child and now fight to reclaim it. Motivated by an obsessive duty towards his dead ancestors and bloodline Iradox grows willing to sacrifice anything to reach his goal. By doing this he doom himself to a life of misery. Every single time he seems to find a spark of joy he is either forced to sacrifice it or fate chose to take it from him. It is through this almost unbearable pain that the Sith Lord draws most of his power and the strength to keep going. Yet, as he keeps going it would seem his pain increase in an evil cycle of torment. Whether he one day manage to succeed or break this cycle still remains to be seen.


The Nyâsh Purge: "Their arrogance and presumed immortality became their downfall." - Darth Iradox

During the Great War between the Sith Empire and The Galactic Republic House Nyâsh played a significant role, providing several skilled warriors and tacticians to the front lines. However, in the first years of the war the Darth Iranic, Lord of House Nyâsh, was ambushed and brutally murdered.

This development triggered a political uproar. Darth Iractor, Iranic's successor, accused Dark Council member Darth Tharron of setting up the ambush that had killed Darth Iranics, and backed up his claims with significant proof along with the fact that Iranic had been Tharron's sworn rival. Most people knew the accusations were true, but either didn't care or were too scared of Darth Tharron to speak out against him - no action was taken. Darth Iractor was infuriated by this injustice and thus he appeal directly to the Sith Emperor, demanding justice for his house and lineage. The only reply Iractor received was a warning not to waste the Emperor's time...

Darth Iractor fell silent after that, and soon everyone believed that the Sith Lord had accepted his house's defeat. Years passed and the war raged on. House Nyâsh kept providing strong warriors but Darth Iractors himself rarely participated in the war. He mostly stayed on Dromund Kaas to managed his house's economy. Because of this, most powerful lords began to barely noticed him and House Nyâsh, and thus it became common to refer to the House as a declining power. However, Darth Iractors was far from passive. He worked in the shadows to strengthen his powerbase, gathering allies to overthrow The Emperor and his corrupt Dark Council. Furthermore, during his supposed exile he married Lord Iravius and she gave birth to his son: Thulan Nyâsh.

Events moved forward and Darth Iractor's plan came close to its final stage. Whilst no one was paying attention to him, he had successfully persuaded important people in Darth Tharron's powerbase to join forces with House Nyâsh. In return for betraying their master these people was promised that they could have Tharron's powerbase when Iractor prevailed.

Next, Darth Iractor suddenly demanded all Nyâsh forces return from the frotnlines to defend their house in an upcoming Kaggathagainst Darth Tharron.

Due to House Nyâsh and Tharron's powerbase being equally matched, the Kaggath was expected to be long and very destructive. However the expectation was proven wrong. A few days into the Kaggath Darth Tharron was betrayed by his most trusted followers and left without protection. Subsequently, the Sith Lord was approached by Darth Iractor himself and killed in a one on one duel.

House Nyâsh was crowned the winner of the Kaggath and everyone expected the warring parties to return to the frontlines.They did not. Instead, House Nyâsh gathered their forces and allies, preparing to storm the Imperial Citadel to murder the Sith Emperor and his Dark Council. However, they were betrayed. The night before the cub the Nyâsh Estate was stormed by the Imperial Guard and Emperor loyalists.The five year old Thulan Nyâsh observed in horror as the people of his house were slain in front of him by Sith-strangers and men in red armor.

Nevertheless, the Nyâsh lineage did not go down without a fight; Darth Iractor took down countless Sith who'd always thought themselves above him. Still, in the end it mattered little. Thulan was forced to watch in horror as his father was decapitated.

When Darth Iractor's head rolled across the floor Thulan wanted to scream, but his older cousin Marqun Nyâsh covered his mouth and dragged him into a ventilations shaft. There they hid for hours, hearing the sounds of their world being torn to shreds. Afterwards the two children walked around the corpse filled estate finding none of their relatives alive. They were alone in the big estate; the last living members of the Nyâsh Bloodline.


Childhood - Friends & Ghosts:

"Awwh, childhood sweethearts?" -Chir'ni

Actually, Marqun and Thulan weren’t alone in the Nyâsh Estate; they had company in several forms.

After the violent sounds of the purge had subsided, and after the two chocked children had recovered enough to move, they walked out onto the corridors and halls of their home. The Nyâsh Estate had turned into a bloody mess of smashed momentums and corpses. Thulan was in a state of shock - he was five years old and felt a horror so strong that his sanity threatened to break. It was then, in that crucial moment, that he heard something move among the dead. The boy flinched and picked up one of the large blaster pistols lying on the floor. Driven by a mix of panic and anger he approached the sound; determined take the life of sounds owner if it belonged to one of the invaders. Thus, he was shocked to hear the sound of childish subbing mix with the original noise. He rounded a corridor corner a spotted movement beneath a fallen statue. He swung around it and aimed the blaster downwards, ready to shot!

Thulan and Elish'ron's childhood affections eventually evolved into something more.

"Nooo! Go away!" shouted a green little twi'lek girl about his age. Thulan stared at her over the crosshairs of his blaster. Her frail figure shook with fear and was half concealed behind the statue she been hiding behind.

The girl's name was Elish'ron and she'd been bought on the Imperial Slave Market days earlier by one of the Nyâsh Sith Lords. Thulan couldn't bring himself to harm her; having been taken from her mother a few days earlier and experienced the Purge she was just scared and miserable he. Somehow, Thulan found the strength to pull himself together and reassure her - everything was going to be okay now.

Unlike Thulan, his cousin Marqun found no comfort in the twi'lek slave. To him she was merely "the alien." He instead nurtured the hatred the purge had sparked inside him. Thus, at an age of seven he swore to rebuild his House and avenge its ruin.

The years past; Thulan, Marqun and Elish'ron grew up together in the empty halls of the Nyâsh Estate. The droids that hadn't been turned into scraps during the purge kept them feed and saw to the children's physical needs. They weren't the only once carrying for the children though. The Nyâsh Estate had been build when the Sith arrived at Dromund Kaas a thousand years ago and had housed plenty of old Sith Lords... Whispers echoed through the Estate's halls and strange apparitions appeared in Thulan and Marqun's dreams from time to time. What's more, the gatekeepers of some of the Nyâsh Holocrons didn't seem pleased with the prospect of their lineage being extinct. Thus, Thulan and Marqun were brought up by the holocrons of their ancestors and the occasional conspicuous dreams.

In their teenager years the rift between Thulan and his cousin widened. Marqun was continuously obsessed with the idea of becoming a powerful Sith Lord and restoring their House its former glory. Thulan, on the other hand, was starting to doubt these ideals. It wasn't that he had no sense of duty towards his House; he just didn't want to spend his entire life rebuilding it. He'd found other pleasures and dreams than those presented by Marqun and the Nyâsh Holocrons; he'd found Elish and the dream of a life together with her.

Naturally, neither Marqun nor any of the holocrons’ gatekeepers were pleased with Thulan and Elish's relationship. As a matter of fact, Thulan and Marqun had many arguments and fights regarding that subject. Still, before the conflict reached its climax the Nyâsh cousins was conscripted into the Sith Academy on Korriban.


The Sith Academy:

Marqun Nyâsh - Thulan's cousin

"Stop being such a fool Thulan. The shuttles to Korriban wait for no man - Pureblood or not. Besides you shouldn't even be mingling with that slave. She is an alien and unworthy of our bloodline." - Marqun Nyâsh

Having inherited House Nyâsh's extensive fortune, both Thulan and Marqun was armed with quality vibroblades and was wearing full combat armour when they boarded the shuttle to Korriban. Between that and their significant head start in regards to Sith studies, the two cousins assumed a position of dominations from the very start. At least in regards to the other first year acolytes, as for the older acolytes the two cousins had to be cautious; their expensive armour and ancient bloodline might put them ahead, but with a head start came fear and jealousy, and those two factors breeds enemies.

Marqun proved very efficient at handling enemies. Not only did he know how to utilize his and Thulan's united power with great efficiency, he also managed to spin webs of rumors and used them to make their enemies destroy one another. The years past, and soon there was little doubt in anyone's mind that Marqun was going to become a powerful Sith Lord one day. Thulan was very pleased by this development. It meant he could safely leave the responsibility of restoring their bloodline to Marqun. Thulan planned to support his cousin until he reached a certain power and influence level. However, when the time came where Marqun no longer needed him, he would consider his duty towards his bloodline fulfilled, and then would travel to an Outer Rim planet and enjoy his life with Elish.

Thulan soon ended up paying the price for his naivety.

During their seventh year at the Sith Academy they were finally allowed to face their last trail. It was a fairly simple and basic one; head into this tomb, don't get killed by the Sithspawn and rival acolytes, and collect your lightsabers. Side by side, the two Nyâsh cousins head into the tomb and fought their way to the main chamber, only to discoverer that there was only one lightsaber; only one of them that could pass the trail. Thulan reacted with denial; there had to be another way than slaying his own cousin. Marqun however, turned hostile and spoke with a self-righteous voice:

"If one of us should pass it must be me! I'm the more dedicated of us, it is my destiny to rebuild our house!"

To Thulan's horror his cousin attack him with lethal intend. The battle went on back and forth for a long time; they'd spared countless times and knew one another's every move. In the end though, Thulan spotted an opening and stroke down his cousin!

The fight had been so intense that it'd left Thulan no time to think, merely acted. Afterwards, the full realization of what he'd just done hit him like a tidal wave of guilt and sorrow. He stormed to his cousin's side in time to hear his dying words:

"I was prepared to do what I had to, but you proved to be the most powerful. Although you can't even resist the temptation of the damn twi'lik! But... but you have to Thulan, you have to cousin... It is your responsibility now... "

A shocked, pained and thoughtful Thulan Nyâsh returned to the academy. Here the overseer assigned to his group gave him the papers he needed to leave Korriban, along with some instructions as to where he's new master would meet him on Dromund Kaas.


Initiate of Darkness: “I am from an organization called The Hands of Darkness. For long we have observed and manipulated the moves of the Empire to ensure the will of the Dark Side.”- Lord Silental

The coordinates lead Thulan to plateau besides a large cliff. On the edge of the cliff besides a tree stood a tall and slender woman wrapped in a grey cloak. She revealed herself as Lord Silental; his new master. At first, Thulan questioned her abilities when he saw that see was neither human nor pureblood but an arkanian, or as he saw her, an alien. Regardless, Silental swiftly brought Thulan's doubts to shame with a display of her power, that far surpassed his own. She subdued him and then revealed that she came from a sect called the Hands of Darkness - a sect she ordered him to join as well. Thus, Thulan was brought to the Hands of Darkness' flagship; The Jiaasjen.

Thulan fighting alongside Darth Taarkus, Lord Silental, Lord Volde and a bunch of other Sith

Thulan was sad to leave Dromund Kaas without at least visiting his home and seeing Elish. Still, he could also sense all the powerful Sith and artifacts aboard the Harrower-Class Dreadnought and it bought scared and intrigued him. One thing was certain though; he could learn and gain much power from these cultists. the knowledge and power didn't come for free though. A few days after Thulan had been initiated, he was brought along to Belsavis in order to fight besides the Imperial Consulate. Apparently Darth Thyrus had been captured...

The campaign was Thulan's first taste of real war. He'd known battles and murderers on Korriban but these large scale battles was something else entirely. To his surprise, Thulan found he flourished on the chaotic battlefield; it offered relief from all his many thoughts a worries. Whether it was through his exploits on the field or battle, or through their occasional philosophical discussions, Darth Fectious, another member of the Hands of Darkness, took interest in Thulan. Before the war campaign was over, Thulan was transferred to Darth Fectious who were to be his new master. Unlike Silental, Fectious was a warrior, had ideals and a strict code of honour. The transfer suited Thulan just fine, he'd found satisfaction in the path of a warrior and held great respect for Darth Fectious who, before the campaign ended, saved his life. Still, Thulan never limited himself to one path and kept exploring the more mysteries sides of the Dark Side on the side.

Thulan spend the remainder of his apprenticeship serving the Hands of Darkness and trying to build up a powerbase of his own - he among other things started dealing with the Red Rose Syndicat. Still, despite his efforts, he couldn't really identify with the ideals and religious aspect of the Hands of Darkness, at this point. He remained loyal towards them regardless; viewing them as a stepping stone on his way to greatness.


The Rebirth:

Thulan completing his transformation by sacrificing his childhood love and their unborn child; cleansing his bloodline of their stain

"I will always be grateful towards Elish'ron; she was a valuable lesson to me. Through her sacrifice I found clarity. Her death shall torment and empower me for the rest of my days."- Darth Iradox

After the Belsavis Campaign and after a lot of other work for the Hands, Thulan finally returned home to the Nyâsh Estate. He walked up the pathway, passed all the buildings and arrived the main entrance. He hardly notice the two turrets raising from their sockets to aim at him, he ignored the annoying security holocam, he slid his access card through the terminal and ran in the door to find Elish!

The reunion was long and emotional; they'd been apart for seven years, only being able to communicate through occasional holocall, and they'd both longed for one another. For awhile they enjoyed their new life together. Thulan kept working for the Hands and study under Darth Fectious, but when he didn't, he returned home to Elish. Later, he would come to consider this brief time one of the few happy periods in his life.

It didn't last, Thulan had changed. At first he was too overjoyed about finally being with Elish again to notice, but as the initial reunion joy started fading, it became obvious to him; It was as if his ancestors scowled at him through the eyes of the Nyâsh Estate's statues, blaming him for neglecting his duties. At night he was plagued by nightmares of Nyâsh Lords being slaughtered by Imperial Guards and angry ancestors reproaching him. The part just before he woke up was always the worst, though; the part where his dead cousin opened his eyes and repeated his dying words.

Thulan started growing more reserved when in the company of Elish, and soon he stop visiting her bed completely. He stilled loved her though. He found joy in her smile, adored her eyes and appreciated her comforting and carrying nature, but couldn't help but focusing on the distinctive features that marked her as an alien and a slave; her lekkus, green skin and the branded symbol beneath her left eye. Before long, he was reminded of his neglect towards his bloodline every time he laid eyes on her. As a result, he started treating her more and more like the slave she was. He was deeply conflicted about it, though, but he knew that his duty towards his bloodline demanded he grew powerful and started rebuilding his house, which entailed keeping his bloodline pure; breeding with a twi'lek was out of the question. In his heart, Thulan began to realize that he had to rid himself of Elish. The thought filled him with grief, for he still loved her, and he paled at the prospect of causing her harm.

Before Thulan could decide what to do, Elish fled the Nyâsh Estate. This filled Thulan with both sensations of loss, relief and bewilderment. He felt loss because the only person he loved. and who'd loved him back, had now abandoned him. He felt relief because he could this meant he didn't have to harm her, and he was bewildered because he hadn't expected her to run off.

"Thinking back, I wonder whether the visions I experienced was truly glimpses of a possible future or merely illusions conjured by the angry Nyâsh spirits inhabiting the estate. Regardless, I made the right choice." - Darth Iradox

Hardly had Thulan decided to let Elish escape before a vision of the future was granted to him. In that vision Thulan was shocked to discover that Elish had fled because she was with child, his child. In the vision she escaped to Republic Space where she gave birth to a filthy hybrid girl. The girl grew up to become a Jedi, and one fatal day she slew Thulan and doom the Nyâsh bloodline. Thulan returned to reality soaked in cold sweat. It pained him deeply, but the vision had made one thing painfully clear; he couldn't let her escape.

Soon after his Rebirth, Iradox' eyes transformed from their natural crimson to glowing golden; a testament to his new statues and power

It took the agent Thulan sent after Elish roughly a week to capture her, and in that time Thulan contemplated what he had to do. He arrived to the dreadful conclusion that he had to rid himself of Elish'ron permanently - he viewed it as the only way to ensure the future of his bloodline.

Not long after, Elish run was captured and brought back to the Nyâsh Estate. Immediately, Thulan made his way to her holding cell, determined to get it over with. Yet, when Thulan came face to face with the tied up and beaten Elish, he was filled with doubt; how was he supposed to harm the only living person he loved? Desperately, he tried to explain to her the necessity of what he was about to do, more to convince himself than her. In the end, both of them broke down and ended up embracing one another in a long kiss. When Thulan redrew there was a new light of hope in his love's eyes. He stared right into those eyes, and then he thrust his lighsaber through her swollen belly! Even then, he held her gaze as hope turned to horror, and continued doing so until her eyes grew empty and devoid of life.

Thulan's emotions erupted into an explosion of grief and pain, of which like he'd never felt - not even during the Nyâsh Purge. It was madding and all consuming, it wall like a black hole formed where Elish'ron had been and tore at him with its enormous gravity well. Yet somehow, he managed to regain control of his ranging emotions and master his agony.

Thulan stayed in that room for many hours, staring at Elish's limp corpse. As he sat there he gradually felt an chilling realization form in his mind; there was no going back now, he'd burned all bridges to the man he once was. Everything that defined the naïve and rash Thulan was no gone, it had together with Elish'ron.

With that cold acceptance of his new circumstances came a sense of renewal and power; the sacrifice of Elish had left a gabbing emotional wound inside of him, one which from he could draw pain and use it fuel his enhanced mastery of the Dark Side. He'd been reborn. He proclaimed himself a Sith Lord and picked a new name as according to his House's traditions; he was now Lord Iradox, Head of House Nyâsh.


The Apprentice:

A hologram of Lord Iradox wearing Darth Iractor's armour

"He's certainly wasting no time." - Lord Volde

The first months of Iradox' lordship can only be described as a time of strife. The senior lords frowned at his sudden ascendance and, although Darth Fectious later gave his approval to Iradox having become a Sith Lord, the fact that Iradox had proclaimed himself meant he was meet with scepticism from many people. Iradox himself wasn't blind to the unease his progressive approach had caused, but rather to than worrying about it he moved fast to secure his new position. To start with, he began playing the political games of influence with the other Sith, not missing a single opportunity to prove himself or better his own position. Gradually, everyone seemed to accept the new circumstances and Iradox turned his attention to start building powerbase of his own.

That entailed acquiring apprentices of his own, and Iradox took several. The most noteworthy of these would be Tlaena Vayne. She was a skilled pureblood woman, who’d joined the Hands around the point of Iradox' ascendants to lordship. This particular apprentice was interesting, because unlike his other apprentices, Iradox had a defined purpose with Tlaena; as the last Nyâsh he needed to rebuild his legacy, which in turn meant reproducing. To obtain that goal he needed worthy pureblood female; Iradox hopped he could shape Tlaena into fitting this role.

In the start Iradox viewed Tlaena as the means to an end, and thus grew frightened when he started to actually fall in love with her. At first, he suppressed these emotions, recalling all the anguish his last relationship had cost him. Yet, as time passed Iradox grew to realize that he was hiding from emotions out of fear of experiencing another tragedy. Realizing this, Iradox decided not to hide from love, reasoning that love is a strong emotion and like any other can be a source of power, and should it go wrong the pain and hatred spawn by bad love was just another source of power. Therefore, his actions of affection towards Tlaena inevitably turned genuine. In truth Iradox was still lowly and desired some kind of companionship.

Eventually, fate decided to test the dark lord’s devotion towards his newly acquired love. Assassins assaulted the estate and attempted to murder Tlaena, and would’ve succeed if not for Iradox’ intervention. Iradox left one of the assassins alive and spend hours praying information from him. The only thing he got from his trouble was the name “Malignus.” Iradox went to the medical facility and questioned his apprentice about the name. Tlaena ended up telling him that the Vayne bloodline had been an enemy of Malignus, and now that her bloodline had been purged, Malignus had tried to assassinate her for awhile in order to completely wipe out her bloodline. Once again, Iradox found himself split between his duty and his desire; it would be unwise to risk a power struggle with a powerful Sith Lord just for the sake of one apprentice. On the other hand, he couldn’t bear the thought of losing Tlaena too. In the end, Iradox convinced himself that Tlaena was worth the risk, since it would take time finding someone as perfect as her again. Iradox set out to Korriban to talk with Lord Rallix, whom knew a lot about Malignus. However, while Iradox was gone Malignus stormed the Nyâsh Estate and captured Tlaena. When Iradox returned he found the Estate in ruins and his loved one gone...

As an effect of this, Iradox found himself in a state of nearly uncontrollable rage. He felt responsible for not being able to protect the woman he'd chosen to rebuild his bloodline with, and that sense of guilt added up to his already massive supply of negative emotions. Thus, when he felt stranger in his Estate that's where he directed his anger. He marched out onto the corridors and quickly defeated his victim. Still, just before Iradox killed the stranger, the man managed to catch his attention by referring to an encrypted message Iradox had received earlier. This bought the stranger enough time to convince Iradox that Tlaena wasn't lost to him, because he could help Iradox rescue her. Hearing the stranger reignite his hope, Iradox managed to overcome is rage and spared the man's life. The stranger grinned and referred to himself as Zeq, claiming he'd interests in bringing down Malignus too.

The following five weeks Iradox and Zeq spend on Nar Shaddaa, trying to find Malignus or the slaver groups he had on the run. Iradox felt his impatience and desperation grow as they went from one loose end to another; from time to time, he could feel Tlaena's suffering and growing hopelessness, but he was never able to pinpoint her location. Eventually, Iradox and Zeq was found by the slavers. They'd heard rumours about Iradox and Zeq asking around about them and thought they were bounty hunter hired by Malignus to destroy them. Iradox spotted this as an opportunity and allowed himself and Zeq to be captured by the slavers. In restrains they were pulled to the slaver's headquarters and confronted by their cyborg leader - a man named Dursk. Surprisingly Zeq and Dursk recognized one another; it turned out they'd both worked for the slaver Tabrian Barank, whom Malignus had first stroke down. In the subsequent years, Dursk had rebuild the slaver operation at best he could, but always had to hide from Malignus who heavily cut his profits. That, it turns out, was why Zeq wanted Malignus dead; the self-righteous Sith Lord had cost him millions of credits. Still, Dursk viewed Zeq as a traitor and wanted to execute both his prisoners.

Lord Iradox and Tlaena Vayne.

This is when Iradox, who was disguised as a mandalorian, revealed himself as a Sith Lord. With the help of Zeq, Iradox quickly subdued the slavers and their leader. Then, when holding the superior bargaining hand, Iradox offer the slavers a deal; they would join him, be supplied with military weaponry, reinforcements and together they would crush Malignus for good

Armed with a private army of well armed and angry thugs plus the location of his foe's hideout, Iradox stormed Malignus' base of operations. The battle was hectic and bloody. Iradox hardly noticed; he sensed Tlaena's desperate Force Presence straight ahead and hunted it like a nexu it's pray, obliterating anything and anyone who dared get in his way. Eventually, Iradox found a shaken and traumatized Tlaena kneeling beside the corpse of a twi'lek. Iradox wrapped her exposed figure in his cape and ripped off her shock collar. He carried her to his ship and they returned home.

It quickly became clear that Tlaena was deeply traumatized. Apparently, she'd been forced to live the life of the lowest and most abused slave while in Malignus' custody. It seemed that Malignus and his followers of former slaves enjoyed reversing the situation so to speak. As a result, Tlaena was no longer the same; the five weeks in hell had transformed her from a eager and at times arrogant Sith Apprentice, to a scared and frightened wreck. This yet again put Iradox in a dilemma between his duty and his emotions. On one hand, he'd grown far too emotional attached to Tlaean to abandon her. One the other hand, she couldn't serve the purpose of being his wife if she didn't recover; he needed a strong Sith Lord to further his House and bloodline.

In the end, Iradox convinced himself that he'd invested too much time in Tlaena to give up on her, and thus duty demanded that he protected her and helped her recover. The fact that his emotions clouded his judgement at this point was lost to him. Thus, Iradox went out of his way to cover over Tlaena weakness in this period - even when it made him look bad in the eyes of his follow Sith, and made his greatest weakness obvious to anyone paying attention.

In time and with some support Tlaena started recovering, slowly overcoming what she'd been through and used it to reshape and empower herself. Eventually, Iradox' agent successfully located Malignus. With Tlaena at his side Iradox went to confront him. The fight was brutal. Iradox had planned to be as Tlaena's side when she stroke down her tormentor, but Malignus had many bodyguards who were strong in the Force. While Iradox was busy fighting those, Malignus lured Tlaena after him into what was obviously a trap. Regardless, when Iradox finished slaying the bodyguards and stormed to his love's side she was standing besides Malignus' corpse. She gazed up at him with more strength and certainty than he'd ever seen in her, and at that moment Iradox was glad he hadn't given up on her; she was the perfect match for him, both to grand him an heir and to fill the empty void in his heart. Not long after, Tlaena became Lord Vayne.


The War of Darkness:

Lord Iradox and Lord Vayne fighting side by side on Quesh

The diseased Vayne behind the force field that now separate her and Iradox

"Every waking moment I spent waiting thinking of nothing else but the day I could finally lead the armies of darkness into glorious battle." - Lord Themion

Finally came the time where the Hands of Darkness' talk of bringing a dark age upon the galaxy lead to action. However, do to lacking support from the Dark Council the Hands didn't possess the resources to fight a proper war. Thus, their Crusade of Dakness started on Aldeeran; the Prophet's Envoy, Lord Themion, had secured an alliance with a noble house called House Vaala. In exchange for the Hands' support with reclaiming their lost lands from House Organa, House Vaala promised to fund the Hands' war campaign. Therefore, Iradox and his apprentices joined the sect's main team of Sith and headed to war in order to fight the Republic aligned Organas. The Aldeeran Campaign turned out to be a success and many subsequent campaigns would follow. On Aldeeran the Hands had gained financial support but they still needed stims, droids and more. That's why the initial war campaigns went to world like Quesh, Balmorra and Belsavis. During these campaigns Iradox played various roles in the war structure; infantry, group leader, adviser and even Shadow Commander.

It was during the Belsavis Campaign tragedy struck again. The Hands had discovered a secret Republic facility that had tested a virus called "Serum-F" on prisoners. The goal with the virus was to have it kill certain sentient races while having no effect on others. Realizing the potential damage this virus could cause, the Hands claimed a sample for themselves and destroyed the rest. However, it seemed the virus had leaked and started spreading across Belsavis. Since the hands was at this point trapped on the planet, they had no choice but wipe out the infected or otherwise risk being diseased themselves. It was at this point that a leak in Lord Vayne's suite allowed the virus to slip in an infect her. Thanks to Doctor Mimkos, Vayne survived the infection but was forced to wear her suite at all times - less she would spread the disease. Not only did this mean she and Iradox could no longer physically touch one another, the virus also made Vayne infertile. This abruptly held Iradox and Vayne's planes to marry and rebuild their Houses and bloodlines together. At first, Iradox couldn't accept this to be true; he invested millions of credits in medical researched and buried himself in records about Sith Alchemy and Sorcery, but to no avail; neither he or Vayne could find a cure for her condition... Iradox had to accept that he'd yet again lost the one person that meant the world to him, and that duty demanded he abandoned his love and found another woman to grand him an heir...


Conflicting Loyalties:

"It is the nature of vengeance. He is responsible for our bloodline nearly being wiped out. It is only fair that we destroy everything he built in life." - Ghost of Darth Iractor

Do to all his exemplary services towards the Hands of Darkness, Iradox was eventually named a Shadow Guard; one of the highest ranks within the sect. With that rank came certain duties and privileges. Among other things, the Shadow Guards was to watch over the Hands' relics and had access to all of them. Iradox, took particular interest in one of them; The Kathol Stone. It was the stone's unique nature that caught his eye. Unlike the other artifacts it felt neither dark or light, but more like multicoloured. He proceeded to reading records about how it was recovered and its supposed usages. It turned out that those who held the stone claimed to have been able to walk back in time and observe events that had passed. This intrigued Iradox and he decided to lend the stone and bring it to the Nyâsh Estate; it was time to figure out who'd betrayed his father's trust.

Once there, Iradox activated the stone and flow-walked back to the night before the Nyâsh Purge. He ended up in his Darth Iractor's office, where his father had gathered his allies and the significant Nyâsh members. To Iradox surprise he recognized one of the allies as Lord Vanden,the man who would later became the leader of the Hands of Darkness, and would be succeeded by the current Prophet; Darth Derriohan. When Vanden spoke, it was with a sceptical tone as he questioned Iractor's plan, pointing out how risky it was. This triggered an ominous suspicion in Iradox and he started pondering whether he'd found his traitor. He couldn't be sure though, so he flow-walked to the point where the actual purge had happened. With a fast beating heart he observed the scenario that always hunted his nightmares; he saw the obliteration of his House and the murder of his father. Iradox didn't linger, he followed his mother, Lord Iravius, as she dashed towards his room.

They never arrived at their destination, a man in basic armour blocked their way. Iradox recognized him as Vanden's apprentice - he'd seen him besides Vanden in his father's office. Iravius shouted at him and told him to step aside! The man laughed at her and revealed that was now Lord Siqsa, and that he'd earned his promotion by revealing the Nyâsh plans to the Emperor. Iravius enraged and attacked Siqsa with great fury, but the newly appointed Sith Lord seemed to match her every move. Iradox felt a great urge to aid his mother and slay the traitor, but he couldn't; That Kathol Stone's power didn't allow him to interact with the past. Eventually, Iravius aimed a slash too high and Siqsa murdered her with a swift slash. Seeing his mother die, Iradox dropped the stone and stormed to her side. However, before he could reach her, he was dragged back to the present. He was left standing there with a burning hatred for a new enemy and an troubling suspicion.

The next days, Iradox spend going through Hands and Imperial records for any data on Siqsa and Vanden. About Siqsa, Iradox soon learned that he'd kept increasing his power over the twenty three years that'd past since the Nyâsh Purge, and that he was now a Darth. About Vanden, Iradox found plenty of records in the Hands' archives, but nothing about whether or not Vanden had betrayed the House Nyâsh. This nagged at Iradox, because if Vanden had indeed caused his bloodline to fall from glory, then wasn't the Hands of Darkness to blame as well?

When Iradox was on the edge of giving up, he was confronted by the spirit of his dead father. The Ghost of Darth Iractor mocked him, saying that Vanden was of course to blame, and that Iradox was bound by duty to avenge his House by purging the Hands! Iradox was reluctant to accept this, but in his mind he'd already started considering possible ways he could betray the sect he was part of.

The next day, Iradox was summoned by the Prophet of Darkness. This caused him to grow nervous; he'd always been sceptical towards the religious part of the Hands; the idea that Darth Derriphan was a Prophet that'd foreseen their future seemed unlikely to him. Still, when he stood in front of her and gazed into her yellow eyes, he couldn't help but fear she'd already foreseen his betrayal. Apparently she hadn't, because she'd had a mission for him. Some Imperial Forces had laid siege to House Vaala on Aldeeran, who fund the Hands' war campaign. It was imperative that this siege was broken and that House Vaala stayed intact, less The War of Darkness could come to a hold. Seeing a opportunity to either prove himself or cause great harm to the Hands, Iradox accepted the mission, gathered his forces and travelled to Aldeeran.

Lord Iradox talking to Lord Rachin

When Iradox arrived with his forces, he instantly recognized that they were outnumbered and outgunned. Because of that, and because Iradox debated whether to ally with this mysteries enemy against the Hands, he sent their commander a holocall. He came into contact with a Lord Rachin, and upon hearing that the man worked for Darth Siqsa, who'd killed his mother, Iradox instantly dismissed all thoughts of an alliance. Instead, he and the high ranking officers started planning an assault. When the battle came, it was brutal and extend into the Vaala Estate. However, do to Iradox' smart tactics, he ended up victories despite all the disadvantages. At the end of the battle Iradox faced off against Lord Rachin and beat him with ease. Through Rachin, Iradox learned that the attack against House Vaala had been a distraction. While the Hands had their eyes turned on Aldeeran, Siqsa was planning to ambush the Hands' flagship with his own and obliterate them from behind - if they didn't accept him as their new leader, that is. Knowing this, Iradox and his men disguised themselves with the enemies' armours and boarded Siqsa's flagship; the Saarai. When on board Iradox' men, lead by Sergeant Hail, made their way to the bridge in order to assume control. In the meantime Iradox made his way to Darth Siqsa's quarters. Here, he confronted the man who he knew had had a hand in the Nyâsh Purge, and who he'd seen kill his mother. The battle was hard and Iradox almost lost on several occasions, but eventually he outsmarted the Darth and thrust his lightsaber into Siqsa's heart! This merely caused the Darth to laugh at him as he attempted to transfer his very essence into Iradox' body. Iradox collapsed and entered a mental battle with his foe. During this battle, Siqsa dug into Iradox' memories and utilized all his doubts against him. However, then Iradox counter-attacked he caught the glimpse of one of Siqsa's memories. In that memory he was arguing with Vanden, who called Siqsa a fool for betraying House Nyâsh. Seeing that, Iradox realized both Vanden and the Hands was blameless for the Nyâsh Purge, only the Siqsa was to blame! Empowered by reviewed fury, Iradox pushed Siqsa out of his body and into Chaos.

When he woke up the ghost of his father was there to greet him. It praised his accomplishments and reminded him that he now also possessed the means to obliterate the Hands. The ghost of Darth Iractors told Iradox to assumed control of the Saarai and ambush the Hands' flagship just as Siqsa had intended. That way, the Hands would either be forced to obey him or be obliterated. Iradox disagreed, in his opinion House Nyâsh was better off with the Hands of Darkness intact, and trying to assumed control over them was far too risky. The ghost grew furious and outright ordered Iradox to betray the Hands. Iradox stared back at his dead father and told him it was this arrogance and presumed immortality that'd caused the Nyâsh Purge in the first place. Hearing this, the ghost of Darth Iractor disappeared.

Iradox went to the Saarai's bridge, which Sergeant Hail had secured. Here, he assumed control and ordered the ship jump into hyperspace at the planned coordinates. Soon, the Saarai came out just behind the Hands' flagship. The admiral asked whether to fire but Iradox shook his head and instead asked that they hailed the Hands. Iradox came to contact with Darth Derriphan and explained the situation. The Prophet approved and promised to utilize her influence with the Dark Council to see that he was probably rewarded. Not long after, Iradox could count himself a Darth.


Embracing the Hands:

"The Empire is the body and the Hands wields the shield." - Darth Iradox

As it became more and more clear that the Empire was losing the war, Darth Iradox grew anxious; he knew the story about how the Republic had purged the Old Sith Empire at the end of The Great Hyperspace War. Back then, the infighting of the Sith had weakened them, clearing the way for their near destruction. Iradox felt that he saw history repeat itself in front of his eyes. Right now, the Sith Empire was losing and it was doing so because the Sith had spend more time fighting each other than the Republic. Furthermore, the war between the Empire and the Republic had cost so many loses and bred so much hatred on both sides, that total annihilation for the losing side was a realistic possibility.

The thought of this happening filed Iradox with dread. After all, what did it matter that he rebuild his House and bloodline if the Republic merely swooped in and took it all away from him? It was through that realization that Iradox finally devoted himself completely to the Hands of Darkness. He might not believe in the religious prospect of it, but he saw how the Hands' ideals kept the Sith within their ranks united. That unity became Iradox' hope for Imperial victory. Thus, he started preaching unity and devoted himself to the greater good of the Hands. That said, he still spend time looking for a new woman that could grant him an heir.

More will come when I decide to update this side.

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Darth Iractor, Lord Iravius, Lord Iraxion, Lady Irazia, Lady Iraleth, Marqun Nyâsh, Tyûk Nyâsh.
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Darth Slithan, Lord Rancenn
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