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Criminal Fugitive of Red Rose Syndicate
Outward appearance
Marital status
Married to Orn'vida
Galactic Underworld
Known aliases
Ez, Ezzie, Little Red, Skank
After selling the Rylothing ship, he is now living on his new ship, 'The Cardinal Point'.


( 2016  )

(2015) Physical appearance update: as following the loss of his right arm, Ezrab has acquired a TransBio-Cyberdyne.Medical® 'ErgoMax TC™' Prosthesis as an artificial replacement.


■ A young male Twi'lek, shorter and thiner than the average specimen of his kind.

■ Vibrant red skin, adorned with many stripe-like tatoos around his Lekkus.

■ Cerulean eyes with shades of grey.

■ Deep scars running across his neck and the right side of his face.

■ Althought his body is scrawny and of a rather diminutive size, he has a rather strong constitution. He is small and wiry, with ropey muscles forged from a life of hard work and low nutrition.

■ A labret ball is pierced through his lower lip. He also has a standard nose ring on his right nostril and a helix piercing on his right ear.

[Update] He has recently gotten himself an extension of his lekku-stripes tattoo pattern onto his torso, shoulders, arms, collarbones and middle-chest.




■ Despite the fifteen years spent as a slave, he struggles to mantain an optimistic way of thinking even during the worst situations. Years and IC experiences made him into a full-fledged criminal these days, even if he has often an amicable, warm smirk on his crimson lips. He is a very self-aware individual that walks on a twilight line between light and darkness, for he has to battle with his abudance of PTSD, strenght, weaknesses, desires and contraddictions of his personality. At first sight he is an exceedingly friendly and empathic individual whom retains an eerie vibe of slyness and manipulation.

■ Hard-worker, he takes very seriously any kind of responsability, from the smallest tasks to bigger more important jobs. He also enjoys working only with precise and accurate collegues. Often, however, his sense of business takes over his moral values. One could say that the time spent on Nar Shaddaa has affected his view of things, making him turn more greedy and shady than when he was just a servant in chains.

■ He usually refrains from displaying an conceited and arrogant behaviour, or any kind of aggressiviness. However, he can occasionally show a possessive attachment towards the people he cares about, be them friends, lovers or relatives. Yet, during his jobs he is a very accurate and tactical leader; taking his missions with utmost seriousness, he rams forth towards the objective stubbornly and without hesitation, which pushes his crew mates to aim towards excellency, just like he does.


■ Used to be semi illiterate: Having devoted virtually all his life to work left no time to receive any kind of education. His low knowledge of reading and writing has been taught by friends, along with a fair share of self-teaching efforts.


■ Fervent patriot: he nurtures deep affection for his homeworld and race. Albeit his youth on Ryloth has proved to be harsh and unpleasant most of the time, he regards the planet with the eyes of a native full of devotion.


Background information

 The Slavery

"There was a backbone, he had just witnessed it, but it was hidden underneath layers and layers of submission." - Darth Nexis

[Known Information]  

■ 7 BTC: Born in Leb'Reen, a city on planet Ryloth.

■ 3 ATC: Ezrab, along with his twin sister Iris, is sold by his parents to a merchant who paid handsomely for their lethan variation. 

■ 3 ATC  ~ 8 ATC: Childhood and part of teenagerhood spent on Ryloth working as a miner in settlements rich of Ryll spice. From time to time, house duties were split between him and his twin sister for what concerned cleaning, cooking and guests-welcoming, although that was mostly the direction his sister's training was taking, rather than his own. There was hardly any training at all, just plain labour, for him.

■ 8 ATC ~ 11 ATC: The Teb twins got bought by an offworld customer. That marks the moment when they bid farewell to Ryloth for good and face a few years of travelling, from one planet to another, as their ownership gets passed from hand to hand. It so happened that they got separated for about one year. Lord Votast was Ezrab's current owner back then and he took the male lethan from Dromund Kaas to Nar Shaddaa, where he employed him in the Slippery Slopes as a bar-slave.

■ 11 ATC ~ Pre-timeskip: Ezrab gets back in touch with his sister Iris, who is bought by Lord Votast and employed at her brother's side to work as a dancer in the Slippery Slopes. In order to pay up a huge amount of debts that couldn't get covered by the twins' salaries, after a few months Votast decides to sell them to a new owner, the space pirate Dekaris.

Despite of his slave condition, Dekaris had been a fairly generous owner with the 'tebs twin; not only he allowed them to keep part of the tips gained while working at the Slopes, but he even gave them the permission of hanging around with other people. Obviously, his slaves' time was precious and he saw a profit chance by charging the tebs' lovers. As a result, Ezrab's meaningful ones always had to pay a monthly fee to spend time with him after the standard working hours.

Months passed and one of the most dreaded fears of Ezrab's life eventually became real: He lost his twin sister by the hand of Lord Sivacci Yene, as an act of vengeance caused by Iris'teb having shot Moff Shaerra Draken in a moment of frenzy. As a consequence of the tragic occurrence his mother and younger sister, Charen'teb and Kjari'teb, have travelled to Nar Shaddaa together looking for Ezrab'teb. Iris'teb vanished from Ezrab's life; however, it left a big question mark on the truthfulness of her death.

The apparent loss of Iris'teb scarred deeply Ezrab's personality: the usual friendly, candid and pleasant attitude is now alternated with moments of bitterness, surges of anger, pessimism and even occasional arrogance. The 'naive dreamer boy' partially died and left room to a more mature, cheeky and disillusioned individual. However, the grief and solitude caused by Iris'teb's death were greatly alleviated by the presence of Orn'vida, a rutian male Twi'lek who became Ezrab's fondest and most important lover.

It took months of tiresome negotiations, but Ezrab managed to get deal with his owner Dekaris that dictated he would be able to buy his freedom at the price of one million credits. To achieve the huge sum as fast as possible, the lethan Twi'lek sneakily joined various kinds of mercenary and criminal-affiliated jobs that would provide him with an extra income. Dekaris' ownership was so loose it could allow such side-jobs to happen, especially when they entailed gathering credits that would have ultimately ended into the pirate's pockets.



After a long struggling to achieve his freedom, it happened: the pirate Dekaris freed Ezrab from his chains, took the credits and left the scene. Finally a free man, Ezrab'teb moved to Coruscant with his lover Orn'vida. They lived there for a short period together, not longer than three months. However, due to his job as a barkeeper and spice-dealer in the Slippery Slopes, the lethan had to go back to the Smugglers Moon and settle down in his own private ship with his sisters, Kjari'teb and Iris'teb. Much to Ezrab's grief, his relationship with Orn'vida ended -or took an extremely long break-, so the lethan has decided to give the rutian a small apartment-office in the Red Light Sector (generous donation from an old friend) to allow his former lover to move out his ship. After one year of silence, however, Orn'vida got back by the Lethan's side again. Needless to say, it required months for the two to stitch up their mangled relationship, but a trust-replenished engagement eventually took place.

Ezrab became the Human Resources Manager of the Slippery Slopes. This new position allowed him to ensure that the Cantina employed the right balance of staff in terms of skills and experience, and that training and development opportunities are available to employees to enhance their performance and achieve the employer's business aims. He was also in charge of the Slippery Slopes Hotel management, a vacation-resort establishment recently funded and opened by [Redacted] the Hutt.

He used to live his ship 'the Rylothing' with his entire family: the parents and his two sisters. Bringing together all the family members had proved to be rather troublesome during the first months of freedom lived by the Lethan Twi'lek. However, the Tebs managed to achieve the closest thing to a peaceful equilibrium among each other, despite of all the difficult past circumstances.

After years of dedicated service, exhausted with daily hard work and overwhelming responsibility, Ezrab gave up on the position of HM Manager in the Slippery Slopes. He sent his family on Coruscant to find safety, but his hunger for 'true freedom' and adventures didn't make him follow: instead, he pulled together a crew of old and new trustoworthy friends and started travelling across the galaxy aboard the Rylothing, specifically wherever the scent of credits made itself more alluring. He also joined the Red Roses Syndicate and joined full-pledgedly its underworld activities.


[Five Years Timeskip]

Ezrab moved to Brentaal IV with his husband Orn'vida where they lived for approximately four years and a half. During their sojourn there, Ezrab had two jobs. The first and main one was be laser-mining and wreck-salvaging: he took care of mining minerals from asteroid belts or destroy reasonably-sized wandering celestial bodies travelling towards Brentaal’s atmosphere at dangerous speed or obstructing the busiest traffic sublight-navigation travelling routes in and out the planet. It also included collecting toxic waste and wreckage from destroyed ships - all of this took place in space, in orbit around Brentaal IV.

The less legal entailed monitoring the smuggling with an easier time due to his primary job. As ‘prehistoric’ as it may sound, he delivered falsified documents by simply ejecting a chit containing info from his working shuttle and gave coords to the smugglers about where to pick it up with their cargo-scoop. This way, there would have been no exchange of interceptable data via digital frequencies. He dealt mostly aid the smuggling of Narcotics, Military-grade weapons, illegal medicinals, exotic animals and cultural ancient pottery and artifacts stolen from museums into the Core Worlds.

At the end of the first year, Ezrab saw the birth of his son, Yetu. He relied on a humanitarian medical organization called "Last Wish", it entailed a chain of hospitals with terminally ill people. A section of it had women who had never had a family in their lives and would have liked to leave a "trace of themselves" in the world before passing away. That meant they made themselves available to host the baby of someone in need, which gave them the joy to extend their legacy before dying and helping a couple in trouble at the same time - obviously it took place only after tests upon tests that guarantees the baby's health would be perfect at birth and that the illness (whatever it was) wouldn't have stood in the way.

Rumour has it that Ezrab'teb, his husband Orn'vida and their son Yetu'teb are living on Coruscant now and that Ezrab'teb is deeply involved into the underworld-criminal scene of the giant ecumenopolis.

 >>>>> TL;DR? <<<<<

[I RP this character since four years, so many things happened I mentioned barely 5% in here. It would get exceedingly long and messy. By writing entries I try to mark the 'turning points' in his life, although there is much more to his life than just what is written and documented in this profile. To make it quicker for you:]

  • Slave on Ryloth until the age of 16-17 approximately.
  • Got bought and taken off-world. Spent some time on Nar Shaddaa, working as a bar-slave.
  • With the help of others, he bought his freedom. Thanks to his social skills, talent and reputation, he made professional career on Nar Shaddaa as a cantina and hotel manager.
  • Years passed and work became overwhelming and unsatisfying. With his new ship, he began galaxy-wandering and between one stop and another, he became more attuned with criminal activities and the underworld scene.
  • Got married to Orn'vida.
  • Spent 4 years on Brentaal IV during the Zakuulan invasion to lay low. Birth of his son.
  • Moved and settled down to Coruscant where he carried on all kinds of criminal activities with the Red Rose Syndicate. His influence and power grew exponentially and became a territorial mobster.
  • [Currently] After a long time of illegitimate activities that developed into wealth, power and a personal ascension into the ranks of a crime family, Ezrab saw the Red Rose Syndicate seized and destroyed by the SIS and Coruscanti police forces. With Koldrax dead and most of the Roses scattered without leadership, he fled Coruscant and went into hiding in Hutt Space to escape justice. After a few months of laying low, the lethan criminal fugitive gathered the remnants of the Roses into a new crew on 'The Cardinal Point' ship and is currently on a credits-driven galaxy wandering with his gang of loyal misfits.

(2013) Ezrab'teb and his lover Orn'vida


(2014) Ezrab and his first ship, "The Rylothing", named after the nickname his former owner Dekaris used to give him.


(2014) Ezrab in his bedroom, a precious private space achieved after a lifetime of slavery.

(2014) Distant memories of a Twi'lek family on Ryloth - Ezrab on top of his father's shoulder, Doruj who's holding his twin sister Iris on the other arm. The mother, Charen, is lulling the newborn Kjari.


 (2014) Ezrab and his sisters, Iris and Kjari.

(2015) Ezrab'teb dwelling in the lower levels of Nar Shaddaa.

(2015) Ezrab'teb and his husband Orn'vida in a moment of romantic intimacy.

(2016) Ezrab and his son Yetu in front of the Republic Senate building.


(2016) Ezrab and his husband Orn.

(2017) Ezrab, Orn and their son Yetu on Tatooine.

(2017 - Most Recent Portrait )

Other information
Iris'teb (twin sister), Charen'teb (mother), Kjari'teb (younger sister), Doruj'teb (Father) Orn'vida (Husband) Yetu'teb (Son)
A small bunch of people who know him rather well.
Criminal [Smuggler, Drug-dealer, owner of a small prostitution ring]
Leb'Reen, Ryloth
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