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Eythna Sase
Outward appearance
Adult around 42
Marital status
Sphere of Ancient Knowledge
Known aliases

Physical appearance:  This female Echani has the typical ivory skin, silver eyes, and white hair that her race is known for.  Her hair remains short except for two patches, one on each side of her face, which are a bit longer than the rest.  Her body build is of average height and thin in body type.


Voice: She speaks with a Russian accent. Probably due to hanging around the lower to lower-middle class structure found on Alderaan  and the accent never fully 'wore off'.


Cybernetics:  Breathing enhancement, visible on the face and close to the nasal passages.  Side effects of this attachment is slight Asthma with some noticeable red pigmentation around the eyes.


Other notable identifying objects:  Wears three pairs of earrings to symbolize several gods and goddess of her culture, as described by her family.

  • Saara:  Creator of the Echani
  • Trul:  Echani war god
  • Ly’che:  Minor goddess of Food, Feasts, Hunting, and Farming
Background information

Primary Last Name:  Sase

Secondary Last Name:  Martlon

  • Eythna is the proud member of the upper class Sase clan.  As her family, the Martlon family, is the second allied family in command of the clan, her main last name reflects this status.



Growing up, the woman was surrounded by the Echani culture as she studied the martial arts and religious beliefs of her race.  During her up bringing, she participated in the Telc’ta (rite of passage) where she discovered herself and what she was most interested in pursuing in the future.

The woman eventually began her training at Korriban.  During this time she decided that her field of studies would be best suited in the Sphere of Ancient Knowledge and slowly increased her knowledge in the subject.

She recieved her bachelor’s degree at the age of 28.  Even though her sith powers were/are lacking, she stuggled and eventually succeeded in getting a Masters' degree and became a minor archaeologist within the Empire.  Her planned path was altered, however, by a Aeta Ignias (Echani Honor duel) at the age of 38.

Even though her personal brand has been somewhat strained, she still seeks to regain her status and ultimately become a well-known scholar.


Weapon of choice:  Hand-to-hand or a Vibrosword.


Sith Powers:  Limited healing abilities.

Other information