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Lord Deliana Ebonheart
Researcher of Project Infinity
Outward appearance
Marital status
House Ebonheart
Human, severely altered by the Dark Side
Known aliases
Dromund Kaas

Deliana strives to instill fear and doubt in those who look upon her, and dresses in a combination of technologically and Force-enhanced dark synthwoven armor that seems almost organic to the naked eye. Adding to that, she breathes very shallowly which might add another layer of unease as she can remain eerily still most of the time. Her armour is a completely pressurized suit that seems to maintain and support her otherwise thin and seemingly fragile body, that does not offer much in the means of protection, but is rather means to strike doubt and fear into those who seek to resist the Inquisition. She wears a strange, black bone mask that, part from radiating slight unease, adds further to her intimidating looks. The eyesockets, while open, seem to be preventing anyone to look inside from the outside. Ancient incantations are inscribed on the sides of the mask, indicating that it's enhanced with dark Sith magic. Her waistwrap holds a small slot containing a datapad, together with a foldable holopad packet, and a pair of Force-Cuffs. While her extremely slim figure betrays her lack of physical strength and likely lackluster skills in melee combat, she does wield a lightsaber. It's design is slightly longer than average, with odd purple lights and what seems to be an inscription on the side. Altogether her armour pieces are coloured in black and red dyes. She never removes her mask, regardless of occasion.

She often speaks coldly, monotonously and without emotion, with little to no moral obligations to follow in her actions, which might seem strange for a Sith. Despite these flaws she maintains a strong position in the Inquisition. Her prowess in the Force, namely focused on the arts of manipulating the mind and draining life off her victims is rumoured to be of legendary proportions, though Deliana hides her Force Signature to a large extent, in attempts to make her harder to read.

Rumours abound in closed circles tell of Deliana having lost her draining ability some time before Zakuul invaded and took control of the Empire. However she has since then gained even more knowledge of manipulating the minds of others, and as such is now an even more potent force to be reckoned with than before. However, nothing is certain.

Background information

Lord Ebonheart's past is largely shrouded in mystery. Born to Lord Leonne Thalia Ebonheart and Darth Gustavos Ebonheart at the family mansion on Ziost, she had since her earliest days always shown remarkable aptitude for the Force, something that her mother learned early on. Her slim physique and lack of combat prowess taught her early on that it is best to remain hidden, and strike from the darkness.

A trait that all Ebonhearts used to carry (but something they are quite reluctant to speak of) were the ability to drain life out of living creatures. It is unknown why and how the Ebonheart bloodline carried this trait, but rumours tell of a dark deal made in the Sith Empire's earliest days, meant to give power for future generations to come. Empowered by their emotions, this ability often had fatal consequences during the early years of Ebonheart younglings. They would lose themselves to the desire of devouring pets, servants and even potential lovers towards their teenage years. Early on, Deliana showed signs of real potency with this gift, far stronger than child of her age had been in several generations. There was only one solution, worked out through generations as a way of controlling the insatiable hunger. And as such she was given treatment by the age of eight; far younger than usual. Placed in almost complete isolation, and kept in control via droids, automated machinery or strong-willed Sith Acolytes of House Ebonheart. This lasted for four and a half years, until she began to show signs of maturity. Her mother, being adept in the arts of mind-altering manipulation, was the only family member who could spend longer time with her. Even then, she would often recieve headaches and migraines after longer durations of visits with her daughter.

As a pre-teenager, even after her treatment in isolation, Deliana continued to develop her abilities in the Force at an astonishing rate. At the age of thirteen she had learned how to successfully manipulate the thoughts and wills of small animals and critters. She would either make them do her bidding, or lure them to her so that she could sap the life of their bodies. This made her increasingly harder to control, and it was not long before she made her first escape, leaving Ebonheart Manor to wander the streets of Ziost City on her own. She soon learned that her life-draining ability was an important lifeline, and she used her unrefined mental capacity to control it. This, coupled with a few unlawful incidents involving loss of life, lead to her father sending her to the Korriban Academy, though the term 'unleashing' would perhaps be better suited here. Despite her being no older than 14, Darth Gustavos figured that she could use the time on Korriban to master her abilities further, be shaped by it's grim and unforgiving environment and, occasionally, feed upon a select few of his rivals' Acolytes. In between her usual trials, she would recieve private lessons from a paid Overseer named Calras. Even though he was familiar to House Ebonheart and personal friend of Darth Gustavos, he was a wicked man who showed young Deliana no mercy and would often give her cruel and unforgiving tasks. This was intended, to further shape her in the image of her parents. One of his more cruel plans involved her making friends and allies with other Acolytes for a full year of successful trials, then sending them on a mission to find a holocron said to contain untapped power. The holocron however, forced Deliana to unleash the power that she had taught herself to contain and control, and brutally murder her fellow friends. She could all but watch in unexplainable horror as the only friends she had ever known begged for her to stop, as she slowly succumbed to the alluring power of the holocron, and transformed their bodies to shrivelled, dry husks. All according to instructions initially given to Calras by her father.

By the time of her sixteenth birthday, she left Korriban to be tutored privately by another instructor. This went on for another two years and she spent even further time in isolation and likely partook in large amounts of indoctrination. As such she did never officially graduate from the Academy, though her parents made sure to make her into a proper Sith by other means. Some time later, she was scheduled to travel to Dromund Kaas for a future apprenticeship with a Sith Lord, but their meeting never occurred. In fact, she never landed upon the planet. She mysteriously vanished, and despite her parents spending a good deal of resources on locating their daughter, including pulling strings with both Imperial Intelligence and the Inquisition as well as hiring mercenaries to track her down, she was not found.

Darth Gustavos was furious. After all the time he and his wife had spent on her, shaping her potential into a truly frightening force to be reckoned with, she would simply vanish. Lord Leonne Thalia Ebonheart later gave birth to another girl whom she named after herself. This was Deliana's younger sister.

After a good twenty years, Deliana returned. Not only had she achieved the rank of Lord, but also established a significant powerbase. Her demeanor however, had changed. What was left of her humanity had disappeared, and all indication of emotion and morals had been all but erased. Left was the shell of a woman in her thirties, her thin and seemingly malnourished body pale as snow, with black veins running across her skin, and a wicked, uneasy stare from behind two blood-red eyes. In the Force, she was a conduit of dark power that spread unease around her with a wicked aura. She had changed, and nobody knew how.

Although Darth Gustavos refused to recognise his elder daughter, Deliana's mother seemed to welcome her with open arms. Their relationship was tenuous for a while, until the sudden and unexplainable death of Darth Gustavos. Both Sith Lords were found aboard their ship as it drifted through space, the entire crew slaughtered and Darth Gustavos dead, killed by his own wife. Judged too dangerous to be kept around, and a traitor to the Empire, Thalia was sealed inside a tomb upon Korriban for her punishment.

Lord Ebonheart has since then taken command of her parents' ship, the Interdictor Cruiser Shadow's Wrath, retained considerable prestige, and has also been recruited by the Imperial Inquisition, putting her abilities to good use against enemies of the Empire. Within the Inquisition she has climbed the ranks quickly, working to establish further roots in the deepest reaches of the Sith Intelligence network, and greatly aiding the organization in it's pursit of heretics. She was supposedly offered the rank of Darth at some point, but declined due to her desire to serve the Empire and the Inquisition from the shadows, where she thrives still. Her rank as High Inquisitor granted her powers similar to that of a Darth however, and with the aid from Imperial laws and Sith customs, even beyond if necessary. The right hand of Grand Inquisitor Darth Ulkaen, she served the Inquisition with fanatical devotion towards upholding it's beliefs and doctrines.

Recent happenings have made her transfer from the Inquisition to that of a more lucrative post, to focus on top-secret research for the Empire.


Other information
Darth Gustavos (Father, deceased), Lord Leonne Thalia Ebonheart (Mother, deceased), Leonne Ebonheart (Younger sister)
None, a few allies
Imperial Researcher
The Ebonheart Residence
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