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Câeìn Deadalus
Councillor of The Red Rose Syndicate
Outward appearance
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Câein's centered and calm exterior can make it easy to mistake him for a cold and detached individual. He rarely panics, and with others than those of the family, he seldom shows emotion beyond that of mild interest. It's not however the truth, as Câein's interior workings are far more colorful than one might at first believe. He's often self centered, and breaks apart easy in the face of powerful trauma. Despite this he can go through almost any endeavour for those he values, and have on more than one occasion put his life on the line to do so. He's a puzzling person to know, a creature of contradiction. 

His feelings are more often than not reigned in by his mind, and in all and any situations, he'll thinkng with his brain and not his heart. He's more than capable of sacrificing a comrade for the good of the family, even if it's a close friend. He's long since learned that friends are a luxurious commodity in the Underworld. Seldom you're gunned down by your enemies, most likely it's the people you've known all of your life. They'll come with smiles, and blasters concealed behind their backs. 

He's a tough and skilled diplomat, once an information broker on Nar Shaddaa. His more recent fates have changed him a great deal, transforming him from the tale-whipping rogue, to a man of authority and power. He has a very keen mind for business, and credits is his religion. He's cold, ruthless and unforgiving. His vengence might be long or soon coming, but always a certainty.

Background information

Câein was born in the year of 15 BTC, an unwanted mistake by two spice addicted parents. Even as a small child, Câein was neglected and left unattended, a thing his junkie parents were barely aware of. He would have died had it not been for Daedon, seven years older and, due to unfit childhood environments, already mature for his young age. He cared for his brother during the times their parents were trapped in their drug dreams. And when they were murdered by a local spice dealer for not paying their debts, twelve year old Daedon became five year old Câein's only guardian.

After their parents had passed, it was a life on the street awaiting them(anything even akin to social services did not exist on Nar Shaddaa). Daedon handled the both of them with uncanny expertise. Even as a child, Daedon was cocky, street smart, charismatic and often favored by thug captains as an errand boy. His small time dealings on the street kept them from starving, and his easy way to walk-the-talk kept them from the cold.

As time passed, both brothers grew to young men, and their small time street dealings grew with them. Pickpocketing became armed robbery, errand running became spice and illegal arms smuggling, assault became murder. They made enough money to sit on a comfortable upper middle-class level, and for a time, life was good.

It was around the time of 8 ATC their little fairy tale had its ending. Daedon became heavily addicted to spice.
Câein who had surprisingly vivid memories of their parents who withered away on the family couch, refused to touch the drug. As such he simply fell victim to another form of grief; he had to watch his brother fade into a sort of waking coma. At this point, Câein had to take charge of the duo, and after watching his brother closely for the past twentyfive years, he became the new face on the street, with all his brother's tricks in his pocket.

Shortly after the beginning of the renewed war in 10 ATC, Daedon's last rocket took off as an overdose fried his system. Câein left him as he was, cancelled the contract on their apartment, and moved. But his devastation drove him to seek a new life elsewhere, a place where every alleyway was not cause for memories of Daedon. So he called in a favour with a gang leader, and got himself a fake license of light freighters moving shipments in and out of neutral zones. He left for republic space, and tried to make a life in the criminal underworld of Ord Mantell.
After a backstabbing by a small-time organization, Câein was rescued by Scarlett and Scope, agents of a man known as Locke, and part of a criminal organization named; The Red Rose Syndicate. To show his gratitude, Câein agreed on their offer, and joined the outfit.



The Red Rose Syndicate


Câein as been a member of The Red Rose Syndicate for over two years, the five years after Zakuul's invasion not being counted. Câein grew up somewhere with the family, grew up piece by piece as the future transformed into past. He gained friends, connections and something resembling a real family. His cold outlook on the galaxy shifted, a flame rekindled. He rose through the ranks and became a Made Man, lead people of his own wearing his colors. Blood and credits greased the machine of the Syndicate, much due to Câein's efforts.

For a time he was part owner of Club Ufora, a legit business front to hide the real money makers; Spice and organs sold in the dark. Once a conflict arose between the family and a crime lord by the name of Kael Malek, Câein was captured and tossed into Zeke 101; a superprison deep in the lower levels of Nar Shaddaa. There every day was a fight for survival, and along side an innocent bystander by the name of Moira Sharoth, he lived through a time of hell.

Once the conflict was resolved, Câein was found and released as a peace offering. Yet Moira remained behind, and she died alone in the dark. The experience shaped Câein even more, gained him the knowledge of true attachments, and what they could actually mean. When Zakuul invaded, the family was scattered, many believed to be lost or dead. Câein carried his ghosts with him and went to Asylum. Here he started and organization of his own, gathered followers and siezed businesses and connections. The other gangs viewed him as a skilled and potentially beneficial man to have around, and as such he remained neutral for a time, using his people to gain money for himself and his partners. 

His organization had begun to grow fairly large when Arcann attacked. Câein escaped the destruction, but his business was ruined, his connections lost and basically everything he'd built went up in flames. With nowhere to go, he found himslelf drifting from planet to planet in the outer rim. Eventually, as per chance, he came upon Koldrax Oblitus on Rishi. They decided to band together once more, gather the family and renew The Red Rose Syndicate. 

With Câein now as Councillor and Right Hand Man of The Boss, the syndicate have settled themselves on Coruscant, and begun to reclaim what they've lost.  

Other information
Daedon Deadalus - Older Brother
Ezrab'teb, Orn'vida, Koldrax, Locke.
Enemies of The Family
Nar Shaddaa
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