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Jedi Knight Arenim Ilo
(Former) Jedi Commander of Foxtrot Company
Outward appearance
Marital status
Jedi Order
Known aliases
(as a slicer) Icy

Lean build, looks giving away well-trained melee fighter, light grey-silver eyes, white hair, light skin, scar across right eye, looks younger than her age. 

Background information

"If there is one thing big galaxy teaches most of Echani,
it's that you should get yourself an armor."

Jedi Knight Arenim Ilo is an Force-sensitive Echani, who left her homeworld early due to unfortunate surcumstances. Her clan of upstanding politics and generals got involved in a feud and, when she was fourteen, her parents were killed, while she with her sisters got kidnapped to be sold into slavery.

They, however, managed to escape and made their living on Nar Shaddaa since then. Arenim put her math skills to use and got a hold of a profession of a small-time slicer, improving her skills steadily. Her older sister, who was twenty two, earned hard creds on illegal gladiator arenas, continuing to teach her younger sisters art or fighting in her spare time.

After several years they were attacked by the bounty hunters working for slavers, who managed to kill Meronim, oldest one. Arenim and Sorenim and were narrowly saved by Jedi Master Jerrah Overn, who took two surviving sisters into the Order, and Arenim as his padawan. Sorenim, the youngest, was sent to another master due to her very strong attunement to the Force and Jedi regulations on family ties.

Arenim was knighted when she was twenty six - for completing the mission that was almost doomed, and bringing back her heavily wounded Master. However, upon his death and after getting knighthood Arenim took a leave from the Order, and joined the enclave of gray Jedi, located on Taris. For several years she was training with those unorthodox masters in combat and use of the Force, as well as deeply engaging in questions of philosophy. As free thinking was encouraged in the Enclave, she delved into solving the question of choosing her own path, and finally came to decision that her thinking was in line with the classical teachings of Jedi Order.

As war with Zakuul came upon the galaxy, enclave dissolved to join the fight on all fronts. Arenim headed back to the Temple, and joined the fight as a member of the Order. During the invasion she had the opportunity to work alone and with Republic military forces, in big battles and with special operation groups, meeting and befriending many (sometimes very unexpected) allies.

Now, as captain Melhindra was granted the opportunity to start her own company, Arenim did not hesitate to join her old-time ally in yet another fight against Zakuul.

Likes: protecting innocents, art of fighting, poetry, beautiful gardens, toy ship models.

Dislikes: injustice, war, rashness, aggressiveness, bad caf.

Other information
Sorenim - sister
Khreulmano, Son'ia, Kasum'ii, Leena Maya, Melhindra Fox
Knight of the Jedi Order and Republic
Empire, Zakuul
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