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Master Alen Stanic
Outward appearance
Marital status
The Jedi Order
Human - Chandrilan
Known aliases

Standing at 5' 10'', aging and modestly built, Alen Stanic is not immediately impressive. His robes are simple and his lightsaber unadorned and basic. The small crystals and charms dangling from his belt seem eccentric. But there's a measured, careful pace to his movements that suggest both thought and training, and a lightsaber scar across the left side of his face speaks of battle experience.

It is face to face that one begins to notice things. A pair of empty, sightless eyes, but an awareness of your presence. A mild smile that suggests he's happy to see you. A soft tone of voice that rarely rises, even in hardship. A thoughtful look that tells you he's considering every word you say. And in battle, a hard, blank mask of concentration that tells you no matter who you are, he's taking you seriously.

But those who are sensitive to the Force get the full picture. There is power in the man, though it is passive - an undercurrent of calm through the Force, gently touching his surroundings. Inexperienced users of the Dark Side might find themselves genuinely uncomfortable in his presence.

Background information

Alen Stanic has been a member of the Jedi Order since the age of three, recruited from the planet of Chandrila and still holding true to that world's views on harmony with one's surroundings and ecology. The padawan of Jedi historian and archaeologist Cevon U'qir (twi'lek, female), Alen followed in her footsteps during the war, working with the Jedi Archives to safeguard Jedi enclaves and storehouses while working against the forces of the Sith Sphere of Ancient Knowledge, and the Imperial Reclamation Service.

During the Tritos Nal incident in 6 ATC - a race against Imperial forces to obtain a dangerous relic of the ancient Sith - he suffered heavy injuries, and settled on Tython, working as a lecturer and archivist while he recovered. He stepped back into service alongside the maverick Jedi Knight Del'oride Krowen, and the pair eventually found themselves working as part of the Alderaanian Praxeum-in-Exile (the 'lost' Praxeum) on Tatooine.

The skirmishes on Tatooine proved to be the start of a year-long conflict between various volunteer Republic-aligned groups, and a sinister alliance of Sith powerbases gathered under the leadership of the Imperial warlord, Darth Thyrus. Moving fast through the ranks of the Praxeum, Alen was recognised by his peers as a Jedi Master following the end of the fighting on Tatooine; became a member of the Praxeum's Council some time before the battles on Hoth; and stepped up to lead that Council some years ago.

Since then, he has been at the forefront of all manner of Republic activities, making a name for himself as reliable, fair-minded and efficient. Planning the defence of Kedrash III; securing the shipyards of Fondor not once, but twice; organising Project Custodian on Belsavis, intended to deal with the containment of dangerous dark-siders; taking a prominent role in Belsavis's defence; helping topple the rogue Alderaanian house of Dalron; commanding an insertion force to support the Balmorran uprisings; leading efforts on Allenteen VI, Hoth, Rhen Var and Coruscant to defeat Darth Thyrus's cyborg armies; and being a part of the strike team that slew Thyrus himself. He survived the attack on the Jedi Temple in 13 ATC, leading a party of Jedi into the Tythonian ruins to shelter from the destruction - and in the aftermath, he led the 'lost' Praxeum into space in search of a place to found a temple of their own, helping defeat the work of a Sith group known as 'the Arcanum' on the way.

With the Praxeum Ship Deliverance seemingly destroyed in battle against the Eternal Fleet, Alen's last order to the Praxeum was to disband it - entrusting its store of knowledge to those members remaining, and asking them to wait for the right time to reveal themselves. There is no trace of his activities or whereabouts during the five years of the Eternal Throne's tyranny. But as the grip of the Throne has weakened and the Jedi have begun to re-emerge in the galaxy, he has appeared again, moving from refuge to refuge while teaching the ways of the Force. Taking action in the wake of the machinations of the Sith House of NyĆ¢sh, he rejoined the reformed Praxeum, though some sources say he has disappeared once more.

Having spent long years in contemplation, Alen is coming into his full strength, holding faith in the Force and trust in the Jedi Code. He is no great warrior, but he's strong in the Force, a quick thinker, hard to kill, and has proven himself a capable and humane strategist.

Other information
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The Jedi of the Lost Praxeum; The Sunrider Academy; Arannion Telis and his Refuge; Senator Hullman Tralosh
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Rahna Plains, Chandrila