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Donate to Codex Ulgo!
Hello everyone. It's been a long time since any of us have made a presence here on Codex Ulgo, but that doesn't mean we've forgotten about our community. Over time, our involvement with Star Wars: The Old Republic has declined and that affected our ability to press on with additional features fo...
Recent codex updates!
Hello everyone. It's been a while since we last shared our Development progress on Codex Ulgo. We've been busy developing new but mandatory features, such as being able to search and browse through content and profiles. Our recent developments also include the ability to make new events to share ...
User content online!
The ability to create Official Documents, Adventures and Journal Entries is here! You can now easily begin sharing your insights, character life and more to the rest of the realm in a few easy steps. If you decide you'd like to contribute to the community, then you can begin by clicking the Crea...
Image uploading and management
The ability to upload images and manage your image allowance is now available. Users are given a 40MB storage limit for image uploads, which can be accessed via your user profile. In order to upload images, you must "Create content", which can be reached via your user profile once you are signed...
A delay of progress
Hello every one, first of all, a happy new year 2012! As some may have noticed at the moment, some features of Codex Ulgo are non-existant. I hope to pick up pace once again after I return from holiday in The Netherlands on the 8th of January.
User profiles are now available!
The websystems of Codex Ulgo are still in the making, however users will be happy to hear that user profiles are now available for viewing and editing. Along with being able to create your own character profile, you are also able to upload your own profile banner and profile picture to compliment...
Displaying 6 articles (out of 6 total)