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For the third time I reached my hand out, expecting such gesture to be approached, yet it turned out to be a pointless one. It wasn't difficult to go deeply into Rishi's forest, to find a suitable, tall ledge, from where I'd have an excellent look at the things down there. It wasn't difficult to climb up, yet many could now disagree with me - as we all have a different point at the matters around us.

An unique, blue flower was lonely at the very edge of ledge, awaiting its end like everything else. This place was unstable, so was I. I gave it a temporary balance to a situation that had been disrupted by me. My presence had brought yet an another interruption to such fragile thing. It was going to collapse, sooner or later, with my help or not.

And yet, I was standing there, with my hand reached out, awaiting for something. Rishi was for me a paradise, to my soul, to keep it one piece, despite in various shards as earlier. I lowered my head, awaiting. Minutes, hours. It didn't matter.

Yet, finally something touched my hand. Slowly, as if to not scare away such matter responsible for that, I raised my head to gaze at it, for the first time that year in joy.

A small, yet azure bird was sitting on my hand, just to glance at me with its unusually pitch black eyes. For a moment, that lasted for me like a century, it stayed there, before just leaving. A few seconds of that contact mattered to me more than anything else that day, I felt exposed to it and it felt the same to me. We could have a longer, wordless conversation, based on something less that gestures, yet in these seconds we understood the same reason of our presence there.

That time, we felt, as if we had been nothing more than pawns in the world, yet fragile and cryptic to each other.

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