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Grave digger, grave digger
slowly fill my grave...

There was no hope for anyone, at least from his perspective. Loads of dirt, combined alongside with metal shards and mostly crimson blood, was thrown into the air so easily, just to fall on others like rain. Indeed, it was a beautiful, yet disgusting rain. Enough dirt to fill so many graves, yet not now. A finger hidden in its gauntlet pulled a blaster's trigger, to brighten a battlefield's nearest area just a little.

Grave digger, grave digger
Bring me to my knees...

Never surrender - was his the first rule - no matter what cost. His or someone's. Yet, he stood there, clad in a smooth, black armor with a hood. His head was lowered, as if locked on the ground for some reason. In the very protective platings were a few scorched holes, partially stopped by a shield, partially by the platings. The hand that was holding the blaster threw it away, as if it had been disgusted by its own actions.

Forget what I have done
Forgive me if you please...

He shouldn't have let the emotions get into the way. Stunned by the blasts, bewildered by the damage and the cost, he stood there. The ground was shattered, covered in war's toys and many nameless graves, yet still outraged because of the damage that had been done to it. The ground was going to remember that wound, far worse than any done in the past. The man slowly turned his head to the left, hearing something, something odd. Something much different than the war's sounds. He knelt to take his blaster once again.

Grave digger, grave digger
Pray for my lost soul...

He desperately attempted to leave the battlefield, crawling his way out of the shuttle's wreckage. With a broken leg it seemed to be quite difficult, yet he didn't care. He didn't want to stay there and die. He knew, that there was no hope for him, yet he was trying to change that. What seemed to be a dark pole far away, it suddenly moved. A characteristic metallic step after step filled the air, once calm, now even afraid of interruption. The coming person didn't raise his head, yet the wounded one didn't need to look at him properly. He knew, that there was no hope for him.

Grave digger, grave digger
Take what I have left...

There was no fear anymore. The stranger stopped finally, standing not so far away from the wounded pilot. He just raised his head, daring to gaze at the stranger's skull carved mask. He dared to lock his eyes into the crimson ones, he dared to smile aswell, yet it was a nerveless one. The stranger had his lips twisted in a grim manner, as if he had been trying to say 'Forgive me', while resisting to something else. No word was heard, yet the gestures were the loudest. They both understood and they didn't need anything more.

Grave digger, grave digger
Rest THESE weary bones...

The blaster was aimed at him finally. The pilot wordlessly spoke to himself, probably the last words. The stranger was patiently awaiting, he understood the other one. He gave the time, needed to deal with every need there was. Once it was done, the stranger one spoke finally, in his low, hoarse tone, yet hinted with a sick amusement - "I wish it was me, not you."

Allow me to be saved,
The time for me has come,
Let me be the one that got a way...

The fearless one stood there, once all was done. He looked at another lifeless body, before lowering the massive blaster of his. He just let him go, another soul released from the earth. Yet, he felt disgusted as always and trying to hide it wasn't something easy to do. The consequences would sooner or later reach him, no matter how heavy they would be. He let the emotions flew through him, as earlier, so he could understand what he had just done. To not become an emotionless machine, ready to execute at any order. He glanced at his hands, soaked in something crimson, dried. He couldn't be saved by others, but by himself, and it was a long, difficult road. He was aware of it from the very beginning. How could he be truly the fearless one, when he was afraid of himself?

He stood there for a longer moment, before leaving, headed for wherever the eyes would take him.

Pray for my lost soul
Release me from this earth.

The lyrics were taken from 'Blues Saraceno - Grave Digger'.

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