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View - #7: Lake of Apparitions

That is when the world erupted.
The Dark Lord and Sith monarch spun in unison, their infernal hues fixed on the center of the lake where dark side energy was gathering into a swirling vortex. It was unfathomable; never had Iradox sensed so much power focused in one place, not even the power that had been accumulated to perform the ethereal shift could compare.

“Beautiful, is it not?” sounded a timbre littered with arrogance and mock admiration. The sound broke Iradox from revelry, causing him to look down and lock gazes with his old enemy. Similar to the other apparitions, the face of Darth Tvarkan hovered near the surface of the lake, his crimson gaze piercing into Iradox’s sulfuric hues.

”I must hand it to you Iradox, your little experiment has sparked more chaos than anything I could have orchestrated. How many dark side entities do you think have awoken as a result of this shift? Certainly he has been empowered as well?”

The Dark Lord thinned his lips, but then widened them into a slow smile.

“I hope so. I am going to need his power.”

“And they said I was arrogant.”

“Seeming as you managed, I should have no issues.”

This invoked a low chuckle from the deceased Sith Lord, a sound that gradually grew into the hysteric cackling of a broken man. Tvarkan's maroon skin paled while cracks formed in his visage, his eyes growing illuminescent with the blaze of insanity: He became as he had been while channeling the power of Slithan, a powerful dark side entity.

"Then by all means, go to him." The apparition glanced towards the swirling vortex. "Since you present yourself has having grown so much since our last encounter, I presume you can sense it too? The pulsing waves of unstable power? He's in there somewhere, among all the chaos that now feeds him."

“We all thrive on chaos,” the Dark Lord countered without taking his gaze off Tvarkan. “Chaos and destruction is the nature of the dark side. As Sith, we harness its energies and bestows order through superior will and might.”

“Then go,” Tvarkan urged: “All the power you could ever need awaits at the center of the lake.”

The Dark Lord lifted his gaze, causing the swirling vortex to reflect in his infernal hues. Without meaning to, he found himself stepping forward, beckoned by the promise of immeasurable quantities of Force energy – of unlimited power.

"You are wasting time." Atrum interject but Iradox paid him no heed.

"He is lying,” Tvarkan mused. "Think about it: Time does not exist in this realm, so what does it matter if you remain here for a bit longer?”

Whereas the stern timbre of the Sith monarch had failed, the smooth but arrogant voice caused Iradox to feel a twinge of apprehension, followed closely by dawning realization: If Tvarkan told him to take his time then he needed to leave - now.

The Dark Lord spun and strode back towards the Sith monarch, who was waiting with an outstretched palm.

"Leaving already?" Tvarkan called after him, desperate anger now evident in his voice. “Then I do hope you manage to find him, with everything that entails…”

Ignoring the pitiful thing that had once been his mightiest of foes, The Dark Lord grabbed hold of his ancestor's hand. Again, Iradox felt himself flow away as the ethereal landscape grew faint and lost its saturation. Only this time, there was nothing anchoring him in place as he was projected back to the mundane realm.

The End