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View - #4: Lake of Apparitions

The Dark Lord's gaze travelled across the pool of dead people.

"What is this?"

"Some refer to it as the Mirror of Remembrance."

"That does not answer my question.

The Sith monarch motioned towards their surroundings with a four-fingered hand.

"As all things stems from the Force, so it is that everything eventually return to it - absent one obtaining immortality."

A thoughtful frown formed on Iradox's brow, his sulfuric hues resettling on Atrum: The explanation made sense to a degree. However, given the circumstances he was hesitant to trust the word of his ancestor, and with his own Force senses suppressed he had no means to properly examine the phenomenon. "Yet you are not among them," Iradox pointed out. Atrum responded with a simple shake of his head: "I am not." Then the Sith monarch motioned towards something in the lake. The Dark Lord traced the indicated path and grew perfectly still, his gaze locked on a familiar face.