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View - Notes of a Dark Lord - The Traitor

The past it would seem, indeed has a way of catching up to you.
In this case I am referring to an early pupil on mine; one of three children I trained to prepare for the Sith academy (Family Matters,) my cousin in the Sada lineage: Sarani, now a defected Sith Lord turned Jedi - a disgrace and traitor.


It is not that I blame myself for her failing; for one I am not that sentimental and secondly I only trained her and her siblings prior to their entry into the academy. Since then her brother, Torun, has done quite well for himself. She is still my blood however, and her defection leaves a certain stain that neither I nor my relatives within House Sada are willing to tolerate.

In truth, I had though this matter resolved six years ago...
After Sarani and her siblings were enlisted into the academy, and after my aunt tried to have us engaged, we lost contact for many years. I had recently undergone my transcendence into a Sith Lord - into Iradox, and with the cold war coming to an end there was much to occupy my time. In fact, it was not until much later I learned that my cousin, the previously renowned Lord Sada who had served beneath Darth Tyrus, had turned traitor. That is when I sought her out, tracking her to the dunes of Tatooine.


Iradox at Judgement's Reach IV - Belsavis


Sarani at Judgement's Reach II - Hoth  


I attempted reasoning with her at first - she is my blood after all, but she proved unsusceptible to such. Given no choice in the matter, I drew my blade and summoned my power; determined to either drag her back by the hair or, if necessary, strike her down then and there - thus clenching the galaxy of a pureblooded Jedi. However, the padawan proved more powerful than I had initially anticipated. I had thought that her conversion from drawing on the more powerful darkness to the thin light would have significantly reduced her capabilities. A flaw on my part, a lesson I took to heart: Never underestimate your opponent, especially not a former Sith Lord.


We fought for a long time, flashes of red and blue reflecting in clouds of dust stirred by our telekinetic strikes. In the end I was of course victories, managing to severely injure my opponent. Nonetheless she managed to elude me, fleeing across the dunes after sabotaging my speeder. I gave chase and summoned recon teams to track her down. But after a couple of hours her presence vanished from the Force and I thought her dead; succumb to her injuries. That is until recently...


While browsing the most recent lecture schedule from Refuge - a neutral sanctum born in wake of the last war with the Eternal Empire, I noticed a familiar name: That of my traitorous cousin. I had to make sure, had to see it for myself. Therefore I endeavored to attend her lecture on the basics of lightsaber pikes, a topic that in and of itself held little interest to me. Ever since my increased connection to the dark side I find that few things truly surprise me, even so imagine my dismay to learn that not only was Sarani Sada alive but still a Jedi.