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View - Notes of a Dark Lord - #8 Entry

#8 Entry - Conclusion

"It is done," the cold and disturbed voice of the Dark Lord announces.

Similar to previous updates he sits with his face concealed inside the abysmal shadow of his hood.

"After much research and experimentation, I have finally perfected a method that allows me to nullify the health deteriorating effects of my advanced Dark Side Degradation. As I had theorized, the answer was found in the acquiring and efficient application of anima; energy that derive from the Living Force and grants life to living beings. One could commonly refer to this as regular Force- or Life Energy. From what I have gathered all beings harbour an amount of this energy, the quantity of which is dependent on one's aptitude for the Force."

His head tilts upwards ever so slightly, causing a single glowing eye to become visible below the rim of his hood.

"However, that means natural limits exist as to how much Force Power one is capable of drawing from oneself, and thus overextending your resources will lead to depletion, exhaustion or outright death. Therein laid the problem I had to face, for the solution to my condition turned out to be Dark Healing; through enforcing my own will upon my body I have been capable of causing my healthy cells to rapidly regenerate, and of cleanse the sick ones. But as mentioned in my previous entry, Nature has a way of revoking that which has been enforced upon it, and thus Dark Healing is temporary at best. This means regular renewal of the procedure is required or my condition will worsen once again.

I have resorted to applying this application once a day, during my hours of rejuvenating meditation. However, the procedure requires a considerable amount of anima. Therefore, the continued application will eventually leave me exhausted and potentially provide the degradation with free reign to worsen while my power recovers. I suspect that, should I attempt to sustain this balance depending solely on my own resources, I would gradually weaken and wither away."

A minor pause follows.

"Therefore external sources of anima are required to increase the quantity of available energy beyond my natural capacity. I have thus far identified three methods of achieving this, the third method being restricted to the minority that harbour an instinctive aptitude for siphoning life energy."

Iradox's robes emit a faint rustling sound as he shifts his posture, gathering his hand and claw in front of himself.

"First, there is the possibility of drawing power from your surroundings. In my initial session with Darth Saizen (#5 Entry) he expressed a belief that Force Energy is always at our disposal due to the Force constantly surrounding us. After having looked further into this theory I have written it off as a misconception. It is true that the Force is all over, but as previously mentioned, the Force materializes in different forms. The Force that is omnipresent I believe to consist of aperion (Cosmic Energy) rather than anima (Living Force Energy), the former being the kind of energy that can be drawn upon and bend to serve our own devices. What this means is that some locations will contain more anima than others. Good places would be thriving with life and fluctuating negative emotions that a skilled Sith can draw upon. An example could be the smuggler's moon of Nar Shaddaa which is soaked in desperation, anguish and desire. The ideal places however are nexuses overflowing with Dark Side Energies, such as the Tomb of Freedon Nadd on Dxun.

Second, there is the possibility of orchestrating the production of anima to draw upon. This can be achieved in many different ways, the easiest arguably being to subjugate the infliction of considerable physical or mental agony on someone else, or by causing death or a larger scale.

Finally, there is the possibility of Siphoning life from others. Unfortunate for most this is not an ability that can be taught, but only triggered by instinct. It also comes at considerable risk, as its application requires giving in to an insatiable hunger that only grows as it is feed. Even for those with a strong will, this hunger can prove extremely difficult to master, and through giving into it an applicant risks losing themselves. However, as indicated in previous entries I have managed to gain control of my hunger to the extent that I can apply the ability effectively (#5 Entry, #6 Entry, #7 Entry.) Despite the risks, the siphoning of life energy remains my current preferred method of amplifying my natural resources. This is mainly due to the fact that a Dark Side Nexus is far from always reachable, and the siphoning of life, in my experience, is more effective than tormenting a victim in order to feed off his agony. Furthermore, through the acquisition and conditioning of source slaves, I have ensured that a source of life energy is never out of my reach.

Fingerstips collide before the Dark Lord's spreads his hands and gestures with his claw.

To summarize I have successfully found a way to deny the Dark Side its price, circumventing the Dark Side Degradation utilizing the very power that is eating away at me. Therefore, these journal entries has come full circle, as I have achieved what I set out to accomplies. If you are reviewing these recordings, you will hopefully possess the mental capacity to benefit from what I have explored and explained. If not, then you are not worth my teachings and the Dark Side shall eventually rid the galaxy of your feeble existence.

So ends this journal for now, though I admit I have developed a liking for recording my thoughts and discoveries... Besides, noting down parts of my knowledge may prove useful should I ever decide to construct a holocron. We shall see…

With that said the Dark Lord gestures, and the recording closes on this chapter.