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View - Notes of a Dark Lord - #7 Entry

#7 Entry


The recording starts with the Dark Lord seated at what appears to be the end of a large desk, his features all but shrouded in the shadow of his hood. From inside you can see the two burning orbs that makes up his eyes. They appear unfocused and contemplative.


"Progress has been made." He starts, his voice deep and distorted due to the breathing aparatus attached to the lower section of his face.

"I am now capable of controling the hunger to the point that I can avoid draining a victim to the point of death. This is good, for it lessens the chance of the hunger consuming me in turn, and it means the source slave can recover and be drained again at a later time."


The sharp talons that makes up his cybernetic right hand curls in on themself, producing a faint grinding noise.


"But siphoning life has proven insufficent to counteract my condition," he sneers. "That additional energies expand my resources exponentially and that allows me to constantly strength my body, which in turn reduces and delays the symptoms. It however, does nothing to stop nor repair the damage already caused by the continuing degradation. At this point I predict the draining - pared with considerable medical treatment - might enable me to sustain myself for a couple of more years than initially anticipated, but such a meagre result is not what I set out to acquire."


"The problem lies in my current incapability of properly utilising my increased resources; I need to learn how to heal rather than simply empower and sustain. As mentioned in previous entries this is no simple task, due to the destructive nature of the Dark Side. This is what makes it more powerful in terms of bending the universe around you, but in terms of healing and regeneration it falls short of the alternative. In essence, to heal with the Dark side is to enforce you will upon the cells of your body, forcing them to regenerate and reproduce at an accelerated rate. This method is quick and efficent, but as with anything related to the Dark Side it comes at a price. In this case twisting the nature of a living organism and while it might initially comply it will resist you in time, causing all regeneration invoked by this method to be temporary. Still..."


The expression of the Dark Lord grows thoughful.


"With the constant renewel of vitality acquired through the siphoning of life energy I should be capable of regularly renewing this procedure, and thus preventing the degradation from causing serious harm..."


His head turns, causing his infernal gaze to bore straight into the lense of the recorder.


"As fortune would have it, Darth Reoul'Athaven - one of my close allies - is specialised in this particular method of utilising the Dark Side. Now the observant listener would note that a Dark Lord should not lean too heavily on his peers, less they will exploit one’s weaknesses as well they should. This is where one must be cautious and make a decision based on how well one know one's allies. In the case of Reoul, spending one and half year sharing a crambed cell in a Zakuulan Labor camp has efforted us a rare familiarity with one another's motivations and end goals. This is why we are able to co-exist on terms of mutual benefit, and thus I can somewhat trust him; he would lose more than he would benefit from my demise."


"Upon experiencing this power in practice, what stroke me the most was its minute attention to detail. It was not simply a question of willing cells to regenerate but also what cells to regenerate. Was one for instance to reproduce weak or sick cells once condition might rapidly worsen, causing sickness to spread through your body like a cancer.

We summoned a slave so that I migth attempt the method on someone else. Starting with something simple I cut open a wound on the slave's palm, and then focused my senses on locating the layers of tissue, mustles and severed veins. Following Reoul's instructions I managed to locate the healthy cells and force the skin to rapidly regenerate. A succeess..."


The cold and metallic sound of the Dark Lord's voice fades. For a while he sits in thoughful silence before gesturing.


"Of course this procedure was simplisitic and employing this method on myself to counter the degradation will prove far more complicated. But it is progress nonetheless. In time I shall master this method, and pared with the capability of renewing my power and vitality through others, I am confident that I can overcome this condition to a tolerable degree."


A minor flick of his finger follows, causing the recording to end.