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View - Notes of a Dark Lord - #6 Entry

#6 Entry


This time around the entry appears in writing form.


Recording can prove distracting and I have many deliberate details to note down for this entry.

As the last entry indicates my first session with Saizen brought to light several important details as to the specifics of siphoning life energy from another. The second session proved just as insightful...

Circumventing the Flow:
Since the ability to siphon life from another can only be obtained instinctively or by being continually exposed to it, I have come to realize that I have neglected to study the process in detail. When used in the past I have lashed out instinctively, ripping the luminescent energies I perceived from my victims. Now I have come to realize that to obtain control of the power, I must comprehend the process in greater detail so that I might direct it consciously.

Saizen highlighted how the Force is all around us and how it penetrates and flows from and to living beings in natural streams. The art of Force Drain is to circumvent the natural flow and establish a connection between your own and that of the victim, then exploit that connection to siphon their life energy. Ultimately drawing upon a thread of life will exhaust and destroy the thread, meaning that if conscious of your actions, a wielder can choose to only siphon some threads while leaving others be. That is, if the wielder is not overwhelmed by the increasingly growing hunger.

Rate of the Drain:
The rate in which you drain life appears to impact the shape of the hunger. Giving into said emotion is required to trigger the drain. However due to the traitorous nature of the hunger it becomes even more insistent when you start feeding upon your victim. Imagine being trapped in the Dune Sea for days without water and the stumbling upon an oasis. Your thirst will already be immense but upon touching the water with your lips it will magnify to the extent that it is doubtful you could cease drinking even if you wanted to. This is what giving into the hunger has felt to me thus far, but according to Saizen it will become easier to manage with experience...

As for the rate of the draining... A fast rate will result in you ripping all the life energy from your victim in a couple of seconds, leaving behind only a lifeless husk. This results in the hunger magnifying exponentially in response to the injection of life energy you just received and thus you will inevitable lust for more. However, if you were to successfully discipline your mind and prolong the process the hunger will increase at a more manageable rate, although it may last longer. This provides you with the advantage of conscious control and thus enables a person with experience and a strong will to sever the connection between yourself and your victim before you kill them.

Yes... If you are perceptive you will notice that I wrote to sever the connection and not to cease the draining. Just like the desert dweller devouring the waters of the oasis it will be near impossible for you to cease drinking while your mouth is still suspending in the water. But if someone was to grasp your shoulder and yank you backwards it would be impossible to continue drinking, no matter how insistent the thirst might be. In a much similar fashion it is far more manageable to consciously break the connection forged between you and your victim, thus making the continued flow of life energy from them to you impossible, unless you reforge the connection. This is hard but achievable if you remain in conscious control of the flow, but not if you allow yourself to instinctively rip the life from your victim at an accelerated rate.

Force Energy vs. Life Energy:
Is it possible to drain the Force Energy from another to empower yourself? The answer is yes, of course it is. However, doing so can be perceived as somewhat pointless when the Force is all around us and only a small part penetrates an individual. It might however prove an effective method of defense. Imagine for instance your opponent gathering his strength for a powerful burst of power. But as he gathers it you reach out to leech the same power from him, thus making it hard, if not impossible for him to produce a powerful attack before your draining is disrupted.

Required Mindset and Mental Techniques:
To resist the urge of the drain an iron will is required. For an individual to obtain such, one requires a deep felt motivation vested into the very core of ones being, or one will be overwhelmed by the hunger. Take the example of Darth Nihilus for instance, above all the yearned for more power at any cost, but presumably did not concern himself with what purpose he power should serve; more power in of itself was purpose enough. With a mindset like that, it is no wonder that on would lose oneself to the hunger, in fact one might not even see a point in controlling it.

In on the other hand wield power for very specific purposes. The power is a tool I utilize to reach these goals but it is not a goal in of itself. Therefore, I cannot allow myself to be control by the power and hunger; instead I must master it and utilize to meet my own ends. The sheer strength of one’s motivation and convictions are what is measured against the magnitude of the hunger, and if found wanting the hunger will take control and consume the wielder. I will not touch upon my own motivations and convictions here, for that is for me to know and you to ponder.

Since my first session with Saizen I have practiced his techniques on my own. The results have been... arbitrary. First I practiced on three failed acolytes that I had ordered some of my people to fetch from Korriban. I drained them one at a time, attempting to slow the rate of the hunger and consciously manage the flow. The longest lasted for twelve seconds until there was nothing but a lifeless husk left; in neither case did I manage to server the connection before all life was drained, and due to the quick nature of the siphoning my hunger grew. Later during a meeting with my heir, Lord Maladict and Lord Kiyosa I nearly lost control of the hunger, and could potentially have killed my heir if various factors had not been present to give me pause. Unacceptable.


Fortunately, the results of my second session with Saizen proved promising. Like last time he demonstrated the process to me, this time on a mirialan smuggler my new apprentice had abducted from Nar Shaddaa, and this time I connected with his mind to experience the procedure as it transpired. This allowed me deeper inside into how he focused on only draining specific veins of life before shifting his attention to new ones rather than just assaulting all life energy present at ones. This appeared to be the key to a slower and more controlled siphoning of life. Of course I also sensed other things, such as how he reveled in the helplessness and suffering of his victim, how he thrived on domination but at all times willed himself to be in control of the process; his motivation and conviction.

Eventually this triggered my own hunger and I proceeded to draining life from the helpless smuggler. Saizen guided me mentally, limiting my focus to only a few specific veins, as to manage the hunger. I devoured what was visible to me and then he started expanding the focus. I continued draining until my victim was at the very edge of death. At that point Saizen beckoned me to stop. It was far from a simple process, the hunger having grown to an almost uncontainable size and it -wanted- to kill her. It took every ounce of my will to deny it, but I did...