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View - Breaking news: Two police officers dead, dozen injured after explosion

Explosion rocks sector IE-57 during a police investigation on a local business.

The investigation to the premises of a local junkyard after raised suspicion of foul play was going according to plan, claims Captain Marget Lagirda of the Coruscant Security Force in charge of the investigation, when an explosion of an unknown cause occured early Benduday afternoon. Causing the immediate death of two Coruscant police officers and the injuries of a dozen more belonging to the investigation team, the explosion rocked the nearby area in what local man described to resemble a 'thunderclap'. 

The Police Commisioner Arn-keeta said in a statement on the HoloNET that there are "at least two officers confirmed dead in what appears to be an attempt to destroy evidence". He also said that the Coruscant Security Force will do their utmost in finding and determining those responsible. Other sources have confirmed one suspect to have been arrested on the scene, a Twi'lek man working at the Dino & CO’s Waste Management Facility where the explosion occured. The Coruscant Security Force has yet to release details on their complicity in the events. The Commissioner urges people to "remain calm and avoid crowding the site", as toxic fumes may be present due to fire caused by the explosion.

We will be back with more as more details are available.