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View - A skip in time

The invasion brought chaos. People were torn apart, loved ones lost. Mav'alen'tina, her childern and her mate escaped to Csilla and life there, had been good. At least, for her. The children adjusted, as children do. They'd even had another child and set up practice. The first few years were bliss. Forgetting had been easy for her, and ignoring the signs that it hadn't been so easy for her mate was just as easy. The note had been expected. Life never stays the same for long. 


Two months came and went with no word, no news. Just the letter as a daily reminder that he'd gone. He traded one family for the one he'd left behind.. and the worst part. She'd let him. Convinced herself that they would all be happier this way. Arthur stopped asking about his father, but the twins and their first born never let her forget. 

Between her savings, the practice and selling everything, she'd bought a ship that would be able to manage the travel. The twins didn't like the limited space they had to share, and even Dante couldn't hide his contempt with leaving his life.. again. He still remembered leaving Nar Shaddaa. 


The first contact with Locke hadn't gone anything like she'd expected. She'd rehearsed many different senarios in her head, in her dreams. In all of them, he'd been relieved to see them. To see her. In reality, he didn't seem to care either way. Dante, the clever boy that he was, managed to connect with Locke via an old comms unit. After she'd wrestled the unit from his fingers, she tried to tell herself it was just some unfortunate soul that Dante had managed to contact. Locke's voice was a shock. It was cold.. polite, but lacking any feeling she'd hoped he'd still have. 


Of course the conversation soon lapsed into shameful accusations.. mostly on her part. She was hurt and bitter. The meeting was even worse. His touch was so desperatly wanted, but felt like both fire and ice. He urged her to take the children and go. To forget him. Somehow this would be easier. In a fit of barely contained rage, she'd left him and the children. It felt like just dessert at the time. Maybe if -he- had to answer the questions this time, he'd understand. 

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