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This is the translation of tablet found thirteen months after recapturing the Korriban. Simple survey expedition was set over southern reach of Darkan Valley, seeking for any remains of the Pre-Adas era. The tablet was found in circular structure described as highly damaged mausoleum. No loose artefacts were found and the documentation from site is barely informative.

Reconstructed original writings from the tablet, some of the glyphs were replaced with Old Sith interpretation due to Pre-Adas’ era writings variety.

Nu tuti zarmirsi kioska

Ant Kûrs ai sirs

Kiara driyi zarmi

Na ra nirasa 

Ki kraujas nirsinina kanasazi woi

misinis atkia

Ki inrwitia titi dotrus ir

 Zarma ritsa

Kiara driyi zarmi

 Dias ji dijasi dzu

ki Dukwtasi dirtsarias

tuti drasi an

Titsû rasosût


The tablet was translated by now deceased Lord Drunn Sadar. He interpreted it as war poem, but – in my opinion – missed the Old Sith’s Language rhythm that helps to divide the text and make it – again in my opinion – sound more elegant.

This is the Lord Drunn Sadar’s interpretation of the tablet:


I was standing in victory

on the mountain of conquered in peril

looking down on the blood

 over my armour

 I was tired with heavy breath

looking at the conquered female

 she knew what will happen


Personally I am leaning towards more open minded interpretation, that would highlight less exposed side of Sith early culture. This is how I’ve translated the tablet, and I am ready to sign this version with my name, taking all the consequences for any mistakes.


I was victorious standing

On mountain’s top

Looking over conquered

With (her in) no peril

My blood still raging under

Skin(’s?) armour

My breath racing in

Conquest fatigue

Looking over conquered

As she smiled at me

Understanding victory

She was ready to

Let happen


Aggression and vitality of conqueror was always highly prized in the Sith society, so it is not surprising that the same values could be seen as attractive in more intimate situations. But the tablet shows also deceptive nature of such act, the “conquered with no peril” who “was ready to let (victory) happen”, changing the possible abuse (suggested by Lord Sadar) into consensual act between two Sith embracing their desires and enjoying struggle.

Initiate Ilianka, Sith Philosophy and Ancient Knowledge sector of the Revenant Order

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