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View - Gazing Down at a Galaxy Aflame

It is one thing to forget a trivial detail, it is another entirely to fail to mention your homeworld lies a charred and mangled ruin. I had felt it, yet I denied it's occurance, such an act would be unthinkable surely? Even to the insane. Yet as I drift here in orbit, I have seen with my own eyes.

A shame, Ziost had to suffer such an ignoble end, the jewel in the Imperial crown, tossed aside by the individual who wears the crown itself. Yet even in its desolation I see potential, I see possibility. The former Emperor has done much to the planet, least of all ripping the majority of life from it, or it would seem as if all life is gone. The world still thrums with vigor, a different sort an unholy beacon of the Dark Side, as much if not greater than Yavin perhaps even more than Korriban. Such a swell of energy coming forth from the planet must be exploited. At the least, I have collected a withered plant to furnish my apartments with.

I return to the galaxy at large to find Sith and Jedi shattered not by one another but some usurping outsiders. The "Eternal Empire", not a name I would have chosen, has thrown itself into believing it rules the galaxy. I care little for the politics and intrigues, they as always leave a stale taste in my mouth. Our empire, has turned in on itself and gutted itself from the top down. An "Empress" rules now, the Dark Council is in tatters.

I could ask not for any greater luck, the ties holding me have been invariably cut. No longer will artificial "Imperial" norms restrain me. This new era of uncertainty will allow me to accelerate my plans, as always with my blood we bide our time and we build ourselves up, and now is no different. Let the would be Dark Lords of the Sith, the self-proclaimed Sith'ari and other warlords bleed themselves, their bloodshed amuses me and is in turn useful to me. Now more than ever The Dark Side shall lead, as is the natural order of the Universe and the true nature of all living forms, a maelstrom of chaos, the weak and the strong, I relish the taste for the future.

But I get ahead of myself, Crispus has given me a brief regarding certain key events. It would appear my good companions and friends for the most part have got themselves into a number of situations, hidden across the stars from a vengeful Eternal Empire it seems, and this is why I stay away from politics. It seems their good friend Darth Razac will need to find a way to coax them out for a jolly meet up once more, it has been a long time since that memorable party on Voss, and my novel pastime I introduced, my "Deadman's Volley".

Already I have collected a new acolyte of my own to use and train, another Pureblood of good breeding by the name of Kyvadrin, not dissimilar to Crispus, but the boy is an animal, a beast who knows how to kill and little else. I fear the Academy has lost some of its finest teachers with seeing how he acts. Alas he will have to do for now, although I intend to re-establish my ring of contacts to an even greater strength than before so Kyvadrin will not be the only one I take on.

All is not bad thankfully, as I write I can enjoy for the first time in half a decade a good bottle of Chandrillan Red, truly the finer things in life have been sorely missed.


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