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View - Legend of the Seven Grimoires

Legend of the Seven Grimoires

Back during the Golden Age of the Sith, the Old Sith Empire continued to expand its reach. Entire systems were evolved in its conquering shadow, few civilizations if any, capable of withstanding their armada and the power of the Dark Side, and thus Sith Space was created. Only the Sith grew arrogant in their continued conquest, believing that truly non but their ancient enemies, the Jedi, would have a chance to stand against them. They were proven wrong…

It is said to have transpired after the reign of Atrum Nyâsh and before the reign of Marka Ragnos, that the Sith met their match. They swooped into a system at the borders of their expanding territory, eager to establish their dominion as they had on countless other occasions. Only the people who were in waiting is said to have possessed advanced ships and technology of their own, and managed to repel the initial Sith Invasion.

Surprised and angered by this, the reigning Dark Lord of the Sith sent another fleet to secure the conquest. Only when they arrived, they found that the enemy forces were advancing into Sith Space. Another brutal battle is said to have occurred, once again resulting in a Sith defeat.

Then followed a period of strife, the Sith battling with their new enemy. It is now unknown for how long the two sides struggled, but according to the legend, the Dark Lord of the Sith eventually grew impatient. That is when he called together the Lords of the seven greatest Sith Houses. He bit them set aside their rivalries for the time being and instead focus their collective knowledge and power on obliterating the new threat.

So it was that the greatest minds of the Sith Empire came together to constructed a weapon of immense power. It was wielded against the advancing enemy fleet that, according to the legends, was inexplicitly destroyed. Then the Sith swept down on the territory of their enemy, and it is doubtful that any trace of them is left to be found today…

After victory was assured, the Dark Lord of the Sith came to desire the power of the weapon for himself. However the seven Lords of the Houses did not trust him with it, any more than they trusted each other to have access to it. That is why they had constructed seven grimories that were required to wield it, the weapon itself having been hidden away.

Since then many Sith Lords has spent their lives searching for the grimories and the mythological weapon they are said to unlock. However with the Great Hyperspace War splintering the Old Sith Empire, many traces were lost and non has been able to verify whether these grimories still exist, or ever truly did…