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View - INN: Consolidation Corps Reorganization

Stand united! Such is the core message of the latest Imperial edicts pertaining to the restructuring of the Imperial Consolidation Corps. Though the greater extent of information regarding the restructuring efforts remains classified, the following question was presented to the authorities: How will the Imperial military be affected by the changes and does it signal a shift in the values of the Empire? Lord Rohl, speaking as the newly appointed Arbiter within the ICC, had this to say:

"The consolidation and full application of power has been the cornerstone of our great Empire since its conception. I can assure you that the Consolidation Corps will still be applying its expertise in shoring up the Empire's foundations as it had done before - under the decisive leadership of myself, Lord Consul Aregia Khann and Lord Commander Ar'gath Xenae."

To further assure citizens that the changes do not signal a shifting political stance, authorities have reiterated the need for Imperials to stand firm and continue to give their all to our great Empress. Though we are tried by external forces, the strength of our citizens and the fury of the Sith will inevitably bring about our unequivocal victory! Glory to the Empire!

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