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View - The Empress - Shadowport & Underworld Hub


Looking for a safe place away from the current state of things? A place to trade, resupply, rest or party perhaps? We got the place for you onboard the Empress. A shadowport for your needs, be it repairs for your ship or a place to lay low. Here you can find what you're after, a haven for smugglers, bounty hunters, war veterans or any other criminal spacer. Looking for work? You may find someone or something onboard that will pay you well. With our own local cantina onboard, the Terminus where you can enjoy a drink as well as find people who share the same line of work. In need of medical attention? We got a local medbay ready to treat you or your crew! We are here, and we are there.. The Empress is everywhere. Opening this message was the first test, now only the best navigators may find our location or perhaps the most influential people. We hope to see you and stay safe out there.