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View - Wanted: Darth Tekthon

In violation of the treaties between the Sith Empire and the Eternal Throne, a price has been placed on the capture or death of the war criminal and terrorist known as Darth Tekthon. The heinous crimes committed in orchestrating the destruction of Kedrash III after the signing of said treaties cost thousands of lives. His actions thereafter in escaping justice have only solidified his guilt.  Any information that leads to his apprehension will be rewarded with a fitting fee.

The Eternal Empire, the Sith Empire, and the Republic have condemned his actions, and will reward two-hundred thousand credits for his capture, and one-hundred thousand for his body, other co-conspirators to the devastation are still being determined and can hopefully be extracted from a live capture.

The present location of the perpetrator is unknown.


Glory to Arcann, and glory to the Eternal Throne

- Varei Foraen, Emmisary of Zakuul