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I have been confined to my cabin aboard the Oculus for bloody weeks, half-buried in the countless tomes, manuscripts and datapads, and yet I am nowhere near the answer I seek. The mysterious “It” was only mentioned twice in the archives we found. Well, what remains of those archives anyway. Curse the Voss and their paranoia.


“It sees”… The words seem to be mocking me. I requested every available bit of information the Empire has on Force entities. My research has been…. gruelling, to say the least. We know remarkably little about this phenomenon. Understandable, I suppose, given its rarity. If only I had a higher level of clearance… Perhaps that can be rectified. Regardless, this entity, this “It” seems to be somehow connected to the Nightmare Lands on Voss, of that I have absolutely no doubt now. It also seems to be a creature of the Dark Side, or at least it uses the Dark Side to empower itself. Effects the Nightmare Lands have on living beings leave little room for interpretation… Of course further research would require me to venture into the blighted forest, and that is obviously not an option right now.


To make matters worse, the last several weeks were anything but calm. First that heretic Lord Errant, then the problems with the ambassadors, failed mission in the Shrine of Healing… I had no time to follow these events, let alone participate, but my dear sister was kind enough to keep me apprised. Amusing, I was so busy that I only found out she was assigned to Voss-ka a couple of days ago. And while I am still uncertain about this, having her around might prove useful after all.


What I really didn’t expect was Maraxxus’ “madness”. Details are vague, as always, but based on the information available, I would hazard a guess he made a rather clumsy attempt at seizing power. Openly defying the Venator in front of witnesses? Attempting to blackmail Lord Ulkaen? Disappointing, I expected more subtlety from him. Perhaps I was mistaken. This hardly relevant now, although I must admit to finding the High Inquisitor’s handling of the situation incredibly amusing. I will wait and play my part, as I’ve always done, but someone must keep an eye on the Adepts. We don’t need any more “accidents”.  

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