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View - The Price of Power

-Security footage from an Interrogation Droid-

A Rutian Twi'lek wearing brand new armor walks into a small room in the depts of the Sith Academy, a room many people never walk out of. He seems confident at first, perhaps not quite sure what was going on. Two large agents leap out at him as the door closes, they secure his arms and slam him down on the table. He yells at one, bearing his sharp fangs. The agent pays him no mind, instead reaching for a pair of Force Cuffs. He was not fast enough. The Twi'lek rolled onto the table, flipping on of the Agents off in the process. The other one got dragged up onto the table, and was subsequently headbutted by Maraxxus. He dropped to the floor motionless. The other agent was drawing his blaster as he got up off the ground. A spinning kick to the head sent him into the wall on the other side of the room. Agents were suddenly filling the room, and there were so many that the Twilek could not be sure where they were all coming from. He grabbed his lightsaber, and was about to ignite it when a cryogenic grenade landed at his feet. He was frozen instantly in place, thumb on the ignition cap. The Twi'lek is carted out of the room and the droid apparently follows them along. After heading down a long series of hallways, an elevator is revealed. It carries the crew up a few levels. The Twi'lek is unthawed slowly, and a series of drugs are administered to keep him unconcious. He is laying on a slab of metal as the last of the cryo is melted away.

He lifts his head, glancing about the room. His hands and feet were securely tied, and the table was clearly a Force Dampener, because he could not sense the Dark Side at all, something rare on Korriban. He couldn't feel much of anything though, he was numb; that did not last long. A small, self-important man approaches the table. He mans a control panel that tilts the table vertical. He unleashes a stream of lightning into the Twi'lek, causing him to scream, and bear his fangs at his transgressor. He ceases after a while, simply hanging there. This type of torture was common, and boring. The force dampener would short out the Inquisitors lightning, but not quickly. So the victim was inflicted with the same amount of pain, without the highly damaging side-effects. This enabled the torturer to proceed for long lengths of time.

-4 hours later-

The small man had finally reached his limit, he could barely make a spark. The Twi'lek chided him. "Do yourself a favor and find someone who knows how to do their job." The man did not give him the satisfaction of an answer, and turned the slab to its original position. Another man entered, even more pitiful looking than the first. He had a mop of black curly hair, and an asymetrical moustache. He pushed a cart of instruments next to the slab. A large device comes onto the video, and two tube are tied to the Twi'lek's arm. A small knife cuts through his vein, and the tubes are attached over the incision. The blood is collected into the machine, and screened, then circulated back into his body. They were detoxifying him. A clean slate ready for an arsenal of chemicals. That would not happen today. The frumpy man unhooked the machine after its cycle was done, and wheeled it away. He was left on the table all night alone. He slept easily.

Maraxxus woke up in an energy cell. A man stood outside the cage. "I am Lord A'gon, I will be overseeing your evaluation. You have done yourself and the Empire a great service by submitting yourself. We will administer the process the same, but you will be allowed some freedoms. Your cage will remain open until you go to sleep. Your belongings can be stored in that chest next to your cell. You will be allowed to send mail, but you may not use your holocom at this time for security reasons. You will be given a series of drugs daily, you will be monitored at all times, but you may explore Korriban in between sessions with a Guard accompanying you. You must also wear your Force Cuffs at all times. My assistant will bring you your meal plan shortly. Any questions?" The Twi'lek said nothing in return, simply sitting on the floor of the cell.

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