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“This is for you by the way, honey. Thank you for listening. Thank you for treating me like a friend and thank you for being my friend.” Said the Cathar lady sitting right next to me by a small table in the cantina.
“I've done just the very least someone could do for you. Don't give me too much credit.” I said, while removing the lid of the box she just handed me over. “Let's see...”

Inside the box there was a gold and red chrome blaster pistol. It was sleek and elegant looking. Engraved on the side of it, a silver writing. “The little dream that could”. The grip seemed to be some sort of self-molding plastic for maximum comfort.
I widened my eyes impossibly wide at what my sight took in. My mouth was slightly agape as I ran my fingers on the beautiful weapon, feeling my digits sliding on every golden nook and red cranny, I was staring in awe.
“The little dream that could? There is no continuation of the sentence?”
Kitty smiled. Her eyes were on me, warm with fondness. Her heart open to me and sincere.

“When I first met you, you were scrapin' ends meet. I remember you buying your groceries. I also remember you saying 'I wish some day things could get easier'... And look at'cha, now. You're Mister Nar Shaddaa and I say your little dream became somethin'.”


The golden powder was till probably under my nostrils the moment the Casino turned upside down. A low thud on the ground, sudden ache all over my body. Everything was spinning in a whirpool of colors as the ceiling became the floor. Or maybe it was the other way around. I don't remember. The loud music became a chorus of whispers, reality melt together as I stared wide-eyed into the void. Cold sweat, fast hearbeats under my clothes, under my skin.
Someone was calling my name. I rolled on the side and started whimpering and muttering things I don't recall. Eyes shut, the world was turning into a monster. Ugly shaped, grotesque figures, lights and beauty got twisted into horror, fear and tremors. It's growing dark and empty.

Where has the little dream gone?