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Secure Log (09):

What an awful day, just in every aspect. I rarely write about my assignments, because recalling them later helps me remember them, which is a bad thing. This one turned out bad enough to worth mentioning. So, I am tailing the suspect of a recent assault case. Than'so is accompanied by the Bounty Hunter Keylara as well as a a pilot, Jibeley, or Jibs as they called him. So, I turn on my stealth generator, and I follow them to Jibs ship. Once inside, I find a good hiding spot, and begin listening.

I requested an order to kill Than'so. It was denied by Lord Taeghen. Perhaps he is testing me, and my patience. It was the perfect moment to end him too. He was alone, and unarmed in the ship's shower. It would have been nothing to ignite my lightsaber behind him and end the debate on Errant, or whatever the name was. This ragtag group of fools actually thought that they were going to scour the galaxy and find  'Evidence' that would prove Errant's innocence. What a laugh I had about that, Errant had just confessed hours ago.

I assume at some point, Jibeley became aware of my presence aboard his ship. He set off an EMP, damaging all of my equipment. That bit annoyed me more than anything else that happened. My datapad had a novel on it my apprentice was reading that I planned on perusing through later. My holocom was damaged. My Force-Cuffs were damaged. My stealth generator was damaged, but not totally useless. I had to supplement it with a little of the Force to keep up the illusion. My earpiece is set to resist such things, but it had to reboot itself.

Because of that, the ship was also sent into some kind of Alert mode, and began powering down. A crazy anti-theft method if there ever was one. I attempted to flee in the ship's escape pod, but I overheard them discussing it, and it was non-functional, only partly installed. They could have been lying, but I didn't want to test the possibility. So, I reveal myself and state my intentions. Than'so, a fresh-from-the-Academy Sith, attacked me immediately. I fended him off, using the anti-gravity in the ship to my advantage. The skirmish continued for a moment longer, until he was talked down into submission. From there on I began questioning his accomplices. They stated their objections to the questioning, but I got the information I needed in the end. As everything was being concluded, the life support systems began to fail. My earpiece had finished rebooting, but could not lock onto the Inquisition frequency. I must have been in deep space. Things got worse. The thrusters were mis-firing. We were still being pushed along, but not steadily. Beatheable gas was depleting. After that, things got much worse.

The planet Hoth looms ahead. It's not suprising, considering that many other have met their fate by crash landing here. The power failed before we could angle the ship for a proper landing. I offered my services and began forming a plan with Jibeley. I began re-wiring the bridge consoles power grid. I began diverting power from certain parts of the ship, and to the fuel cell. I still needed a big enough spark to start it though. I quickly floated down to the engine room. I explained to Jibeley what I had done on the Bridge, and he seemed to understand my plan. He had also done something similar in the engine room. That made it much easier for what I did next.

The Force has never been a strong suit of mine, but I am not incompetent. I am cognisant to a number of rituals. I cannot perform all of them, and the ones I can are much less potent than intended. I took precious seconds to bring a rise in my emotions. Than'so helped this process along, his own hatred for me made it much easier to focus on my own hate. Fear too, because I knew I would not survive the crash. I unleashed a stream of Force Lightning into the power converter. The Force began to tax me. It was mocking me. I used a technique that I learned a few years ago, while in the Academy. It was a type of energy transference. You take a part of a Force-Sensitive's life force, and then add it to your own. One proficient in the Force would use this to kill instantaneously. For me, however it worked very much like a gradual drain. I shot more lightning into the converter. It twitched for a while, but finally whirred to life. It began its rotation slowly, and just barely reach fifty percent power before we fired on the thrusters and steered the ship away from the mountains, and into a snow drift.

As we straightened out, a smile played on my face. I looked at Than'So. He was drained. I took as much from him as I had time for. That part of my plan worked at least. I eliminated the threat of him killing me, and I gained a significant escalation in power. I had little time to enjoy this moment. A rather common occurance as many Sith will come to realize. We crashed.

It took hours to dig ourselves out of the snow drift, but we were alive. We were alive; we had food: Jibeley and Than'so; and a woman, as luck would have it. I rated survival chances a solid sixty sever percent. My comlink earpiece had finally honed in on the signal, and I sent out a distress signal. Before said rescue team arrived, another group of Sith found us; they saw the crash. Lady Amaris, I can't remember her proper title, was accompanied by a medic, and... someone else. I can't quite remember. Why is my memory so bad?

We proceeded back to their ship, where I talked my way out of leaving with them. It was time to move on. I walked Lady Amaris back to the Imperial Base, which was not far. Inside, I order us some hot tea. After sitting down for a cup, I proceed to bullshit her about what happened. Regardless if she caught on, there was little she could do other than confront me. On an Imperial Base? Unlikely. After a while, she departs, pleased to know her aquaintenance, the Bounty Hunter Keylara, was not implicated in what was going on. I waited on Hoth for hours before the rescue team responded. My saving grace was that the intense cold of Hoth managed to dull the pain of my extensive injuries from the crash. I applied the kolto pack that the medic gave me. It was enough until I returned to the medcenter, and took a nap in a tank.


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