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Secure Log (08):

My meeting with Darth Twee'la Ra'zel was successful. She has now opened her library of rituals, and Sith History to me. For once, I did not have to lie my way into it. I told her that I was unskilled in the Force, which I am, and that I have a love of old History, which I do. Other than that, I actually find her to be quite personable. I never imagined it would be so easy to talk to a Darth. I will need to be careful though, becoming to familiar with her could prove disasterous. She is immenseley more powerful than me.

I have gained another member to my power-base. The leader of Section 9, in Imperial Intelligence. She is one of the most powerful members of my group now. Having arguably more power than myself. Still, I must put her in her place. That can come later, for now I am glad that she is playing on my team.

The game is getting more dangerous the more weapons I add, and the more I gather my power-base. I have found an Apprentice. She is Human. I will begin teaching her Lightsaber techniques. I will be augmenting myself with the force as she learns it. If everything goes as planned, I will be able to teach her the Force in a few months, perhaps sooner, but not likely. She is eager to learn, but I have some concerns about her past. I must investigate this on my own later. I have not included her name for her own safety. If my plan fails, I would hope my apprentice will be able to escape and spread my Legacy across the galaxy.