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Secure Log (07):

The situation on Voss is quickly spiraling out of control. I will need to halt my plans for the time being. I don't want the Empire to suffer, after all. I'm not a heretic, a dissenter, or a traitor. I love my Empire. I just want to go far in it. If I should die, and this log be discovered the truth will be known. I am not an enemy of the Empire. 

The Bounty Hunter Keylara seems to have been mind controled into transporting a deadly plague intended to kill off the Gormak Horde. I care little for the consequences of the Gormak, but I do care about the Empire controlling Voss. We will be victorious here. Also of importance, I will be victorious. After using my limited knowledge of the force to put Keylara to sleep, I carried her away from the group to get a better look at the plague. I hid behind a large rock, and I secured a sample of it. I would need that analyzed later. I declared the container was already open once I found it on her person, so no one would notice if any was gone. After hauling the heavy Mando back to Voss-ka, I gave the rest of the plague to Vectus. I wanted to remain in good standing with him when I ascended through the ranks. I know he has a rivalry with Taeghen. This is something I plan to use in the future.

A trial was held for the Jedi, and the Bounty Hunter. The trial was a sham. A ploy by the Republic. It was also the single-worst display of logic I had seen. Despite that, I learned something of importance that day. A Bounty Hunter was hired to give testimony during the trial, after which he advertised his business. Many looked at this with humor, of sorts. I did not. The reason why? Because what he did worked. The Voss believed him for whatever reason, even though he blantantly said he was hired to testify. I then acknowledged the power of the obvious. You see, often times one stumbles over the truth only to pull himself up, and continue walking. There are fewer and fewer observers in the world. I will add this weapon to my growing arsenal.

I will continue working in the shadows. I need to meet with Darth Ra'zel sometime soon. My time is ticking every day. I grow closer to being discovered at every turn. Still though, I feel confident that I am doing this the right way.

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