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View - Glimpses II

*A blueish-black haired woman sits on a medical bed aboard an old ship, she has almond shaped dark brown eyes, delicate features. A small nose, and thin pale lips, adorn her face. She's smiling down to a boy no older than a year, maybe one and a half. He's reaching his little pale hands for her, and reaches down to help him up on her lap. The child is all smiles for the woman. He has her features, her almond shaped eyes, dark brown, but his hair holds a more 'stale' black colour, than the womans. She speaks to him, but no sound comes from her lips.

Rik furrows his minds brows, wondering why she only moves her lips, but says nothing. It takes him many minutes before he realizes, this is one of his oldest memories. One long forgotten. It makes him smile though, but only on the inside.

Rika, the woman, lifts the boy-child up, so he stands on his own two feet. The child almost looks like he's cheering for the sheer fact of being helped to his feet. This makes the woman smile even more, but only for a moment, then her face distorts, a shadowy figure, one Rik doesn't recognize, takes hold of the child, as the woman, Rika, begins a coughing fit. One he remembers the sound of.

It's the sound of blood slowly filling lunges, and airways fighting to keep free of liquids.

Rika cramps over, shaking in the horrible coughing fits. The child is placed down on the floor next to the bed, as the shadowy figure tends to her. The rest of the memory dissapates.*

Rik lies still for most of this, right untill the moment he remembers the cough. His brows furrow, just the tiniest, and his eyelids flutters, though does not open. 

No one is there to see.


*Another memory. A closed cascet, a tall man, rough looking, coloured by sorrow and emotional pain. He stares at the cascet as if he'd want to rip it open and take out what ever is inside. Take it out and keep it safe. The child, a two year old boy, stands slightly behind him, crying his little eyes out, yet doing it silently. Rik remembers.. His mother's 'funeral'.

The tall man suddenly reaches both hands up, places them on the edge of the cascet, and pushes it inside an airlock. Once it's inside, he closes it, only to open it on the other end, sending the cascet out into space. This is when Rik remembers the little boy crying out loud, and the tall mans reaction to it.

*SLAP* the child turns one and a half time around himself, before landing on his rear. - He'd forgotten that first slap from his father. - "Shaddap, ya little mongrel! It's yer fault she's out there! Why could'nay itta been yeh and not my Rika... My beautiful Rika!" The tall man breaks down and cries, for the last time in Riks memory.*

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