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View - Getting down to business.

*recorded in a written journal on computer*

   Well, things are certainly moving. I finalised my resident merchant status with the Hutts (having scanned the contract carefull for hidden small print, of course!) and I am now officially a resident businessman in Nar Shaddaa. I managed to find some ideal premises as well in an excellent location on the Upper Promenade. It's a small place, so small that until I find suitable accommodations elsewhere I'll have to stay on my ship, but the location is good and the security is pretty tight. The first shipment of stock has arrived, and the next shipment is due tomorrow. Uncommon Incorporated will be ready to open for business in a couple of days, and I've hired Irilen as Assistant Manager. He's still a bit of a mystery, but I'm learning more about him. As I guessed, he used to be in Intelligence. He's having a bit of trouble with his former master, a Sith Lord, but with some advice from Lord Sivacci I have put a plan in motion that may alleviate matters somewhat.

   Irilen is a pretty unusual guy. He seems so quiet and unsure of himself sometimes, and I see him with a look of deep sadness and even despair from time to time when he thinks I'm not looking. And yet, he's charming and amusing and clearly intelligent and capable, not to mention very good-looking in spite of his scars. Actually, I think they add to his appeal in an odd way. They seem to symbolise the scars within. He invited me for a drink the other night, and we ended up in bed together. It was pretty hot and passionate - there's no need to go into detail as I don't think I'll be forgetting any part of it for a long time. It was intense too. Much more so than with the casual lovers I have entertained myself with. He's so vulnerable somehow, and yet with a hidden core of steel. It's probably a mistake to be complicating things in this way with someone I'm going into business with, especially after what happened to me before, but what the hell - better to regret things I've done than things I haven't. I guess I'll find out where this goes in good time.

  So, things are definitely moving. New business, new challenges and whatever the hell this thing with Irilen is turning out to be. Makes me feel alive!