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The camera goes active and Gorane starts talking

''Is this thing on?, good...I finally managed to save up enough money to buy a holo recorder....Being a worker at the spaceport don't pay well and the boss is always nagging.....Wish i was stronger. I spent the night in a kolto tank, i decided to follow my big sister and 2 mandalorians on a job using a stealth field generator.....It ended bad, i got in line of fire and they took the hit..most of it. I mean, seriously? what the heck were they doing in there, going to a privat hangar with only 3 people is suicide! regardless of how skilled you are, numbers is also a strenght. After i was placed in the kolto tank, the mand'o who took the most hits said, i shouldt be so careless if i truly cared about my elder sister, and i must say....the mand'o was right......it was careless of me....because of me they got hurt...because i'm too worried and weak....

Gorane gets a deppresed look on his face, then decides to shut down the camera.



Posted by: Gorane
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